What’s Wafting from the Warehouse?

May 10, 2010 | John West

On April 16, the Orioles were 1-9.  I wrote a blog that looked forward to May 10.  I prognosticated that the Orioles would be at 7-25 and that Trembly would be looking for a job.

Its May 11, the Orioles are 9-23 and Trembly is still the manager.  How did they ever win 9?????  I didn’t see us sweeping the Red Sox.  That is a lot more about how far the Red Sox have fallen this year than the Orioles.

There are lots of things that we have seen and heard this year to talk about.  However, I am going to talk about what hasn’t been said, and how loud of a statement that really is.

Last year, the Orioles went into Philly and swept the Defending World Series Champs.  What came out of the warehouse was disgusting.  “See, we are on the right path” “We are getting close” “WNST is wrong” “Things are looking up”, that kinda stuff.  The Orioles went on to have their all too familiar slog to the finish line, exposing that team for what it was, the third worst team in baseball.  I found this response to sweeping the Phillies to be the best example of just how out of touch the brain trust in the warehouse seems to be.

So when the Orioles swept the Red Sox at home last week, I expected the same pompous arrogant smugness to be wafting out of the warehouse.  Instead, what we got was SILENCE.  And then the GM starts talking about sending people down to Norfolk.  WOW!!!  If the Orioles don’t crow and blow platitudes about how awesome they are when they sweep the Red Sox at home, what is this world coming to.

And the next question is, is this progress?  I think it is.  Anything that gives the appearance that the warehouse has a closer grasp to reality is a good thing.  Also, is being hopeful that the warehouse is a little less arrogant and potentially having a closer grip on reality apologizing?  If it is, then that’s more of a statement about the Orioles than me.