What’s wrong with the Ravens??

December 24, 2007 | Keith Melchior

I have been listening to the bitching, moaning and complaining for 9 weeks now. Everyone in the organization has had the finger pointed their way at least once since the losing streak began.  Well , get real people. There is only one thing should get the blame for this dismal season…. INJURIES

I don’t care whether you think the play calling sucks, the coach should get fired, the line hasn’t blocked, we have no pass rush, etc etc etc… the bottom line is simple to understand. WE WERE RIDDLED WITH INJURIES!!!!

McNair, Rolle, Heap, Williams, Odgen, Lewis, McAlister, Pryce, Wilcox, Sams, Reed, McGahee, Boller have all missed time this season.

Look at your top teams.. Take Brady, Moss, Bruschi, AD, Harrison and 2 other starters away from New England. Do they go 15-0? NO….. Add Manning, Addai, Vinitieri, and Sanders to the Colts IR list. Do they have a chance to repeat? NO… Ready to take Romo, TO, Favre, Eli, Jacobs, Burress, Hasslebeck, Roethlisberger, LT, Rivers away from their teams and bet your mortgage payment those teams will advance in the playoffs? If you want to bet, then just mail your check to me now instead of calling your bookie.

When you have 9 Pro-Bowl caliber players out of your lineup, there is no way you are going to win. It’s nearly impossible in professional football to have 53 players playing with the exact same skill level and intensity, so no matter who you plug in, nothing changes the makeup (profile) of your team. Depth is important, but when are the backups supposed to get significant reps during a game unless there is an injury? They don’t. They have to develop in practice, and practice experience is not the same as an actual game. 

These guys are trying the best they can. They are outmanned. They know how General George Custer felt out there on the Little Big Horn. There is no calvary to come rescue them, They have to grow on their own. They are still a team, and they are OUR team. They lose, we hurt. They win, we rejoice. They know what they need to do to improve and you can’t improve if you don’t have your full 22 starters out there on the field week after week. That’s the way it is.

So hold back on your accusations and blame. Let’s see how things progress over the next 17+ weeks until the draft, then another 13+ weeks until training camp starts. The Ravens have held true to their organizational plans since they’ve been here. They deserve a pass this season.  The injury bug that has crippled the Raven’s will hopefully move on to another top contender so you’ll see how far that team goes.