When All Else Fails…..

October 27, 2009 | Tom Federline

Run ’em over or simply just turn it off. When your suspicions continue to run rampant due to incompetent officiating or umpiring, it’s time step back and divert energies elsewhere. Sunday was such a day. Another day questioning myself, “Why watch professional sports?” Turned the TV on twice Sunday for a sports update, TV was off within five minutes each time. Finally finished the bathrooms I’ve been renovating since August. But, oh those TV moments:

First tube update – Vikings/ Steelers game. Immediately there  is an aerial view of the stadium form the blimp, second shot is from field looking up into stadium, beautiful afternoon, nice shots FOX TV. Steelers Land or not I am partial to the stadium due to personal involvement (read bio). Game on – Vikings are in the red zone, bang Touchdown, I am happy! No wait-a-minute, flag against Vikings, “tripping” on #83 – Jeff Dugan, TD called back. FOX replays penalty call from back judge Richard Reels, there was – NO FOUL, bogus call. Here they go again, TV off.

Come to find out Monday am, that there was some “Coincidental Justice” served. Apparently, later in the game, #83 “pushed down/bowled over” (bogus call – said back judge) during a Viking kickoff run back. There were different takes from different news broadcasts. So, I gather info., view multiple playbacks, form my own opinion and I say …….”All things happen for a reason”, the ref was in his running lane, it appears #83 did not seek Reels out, paybacks are you know what. I am glad the ref was not seriously injured. I am also glad that there was confused recognition of potential misguided retaliation. It’s out there – players take matters into their own hands. Uh-oh, sounds “old school” to me.

Second tube attempt at an update – Angels/Yankees game. Angels are winning and are up, man on base, Vlad Guerrero at bat with 1 strike, Pettitte pitching, 2 balls are thrown, clearly outside of strike zone…..umpire calls….strike 2, strike 3, inning over. No, no, here they again! Change to weather channel, go back to game, Yankees up bases loaded, Johnny (Caveman) Damon up, curve ball, catcher did not move glove, center of plate….umpire call….Ball 1. TV off, can’t take it, not worth my time.

Why? Why do I, why do you, continually go back and hope there is a change or expect different results? Isn’t that the definition of “insanity”? We are simply sports fans, sports nuts. When games are being decided and/or altered by individuals wearing stripes or blue, it’s time for change. “Time” – (Hootie & the Blowfish). We cannot count on the powers at hand to make any common sense decisions.

So remember gang, “when things get so big and you don’t trust them at all, you want some control, you’ve got to keep it small”. Cases at hand,  just run ’em over  (even if it was an accident, thank you Jeff Dugan), or just simply just turn it off. In other words…….D.I.Y.