When Is A Win Not A Win?

July 10, 2009 | Tom Clayton

It was an abnormally cold Baltimore morning and I was battling traffic on 95 to get to my office when I heard Drew Forester open up the lines for “Are You Smarter Then Glenn Clark?” I decided I would call and stand up for the other listeners of WNST against this cocky, tyrant of the airwaves.

After the smoke had settled and the numbers were tallied Glenn the Terrible had been defeated by a scrappy, underdog from Perry Hall. Glenn did his best to wiggle out of his loss by claiming the questions were “dumb statistical questions”. I was then placed on hold so they could get my information. Once on the line I gave Glenn my last name and he immediately went on-air and said that his loss didn’t count. He claimed that since I was a contestant in WNST’s “King of Baltimore Sports Talk” competition I was an “associate” and therefore forbidden from performing in station competitions.

Being the poor loser Glenn is, he claimed that not only did the loss not count but he had in fact won! If this is the type of technicality that Glenn enjoys to base his wins on than I guess I have no recourse and must accept his decision.

I would just like the record to show that when Glenn is forced into a battle of wits against a worthy competitor, he folds up like a cheap lawn chair under Jonathan Ogden. I’m not out for the adulation, fame, or endorsements that come with beating the producer of The Comcast Morning Show. I simply want Glenn’s record to be reflective of the true results of the game.

Glenn, you know the true results. You know you have been dethroned by a worthy and heroic competitor. In the end you know that the next time I walk into a room you should be forced to admit, “The Champ Is Here!”