When the O’s spend, you should too…

November 18, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Since we occasionally assist the Orioles with their marketing efforts, let me start off by telling everyone that the always-exciting O’s “Holiday 4-pack” is now available through their web-site.  

Now, I’ll suggest that you not go there and that you not purchase one.

Not yet, anyway.

The free agency period is underway and as of now, the Orioles haven’t spent a nickel of real money on a real player for 2009 and beyond.

Why spend a nickel with them, then?

They’re playing “the waiting game” with free agents.  We all have the right to play “the waiting game” with them, too.

If they sign a high-profile player in the next three weeks – a Teixeira, or Burnett, or Furcal… – I’d absolutely recommend that you investigate the worth of a “Holiday 4-pack” for you or someone on your Holiday shopping list.  Absolutely.

But until then, I’d hold off if I were you.

Why buy now?

The team has gobs and gobs of money at their disposal and they’re not spending any of it yet.  Who’s to say they’ll land any of the free agents who are available?  Who’s to say they’ll make an offer?  Who’s to say they won’t just keep the money?

They have no shortstop, need at least two REAL starting pitchers and, like most teams, could use a solid 4th outfielder to fill the gaps in a tiring 162-game season.  

A shortstop and two starting pitchers are going to cost money.  So would a power-hitting first baseman who hails from Severna Park.  Know of anyone who fits that criteria?  

Improving the team costs money.

The O’s have lots of it.

They don’t need your money, yet.

If they spend some cash between now and the middle of December, by all means, check out a Holiday 4-pack and open up your wallet if you’d like.

Otherwise, the Caps are playing some great hockey down at Verizon Center.  And the local college basketball teams are just starting up and tickets are cheap and the hoops action is really good.

And they take cash.