Where’s Mr Ed when you need him?

May 12, 2009 |

After watching endless hours of football and baseball (and now hockey) something is missing from the Preakness and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until I was flipping through channels and came across a rerun of Mr. Ed.  You know the one, the famous talking horse.

What is the one constant come playoff time (which is what the Preakness is for horse racing) in every sport?  What is the battle cry of every linebacker in the NFL heading into Wild Card weekend?  Every NBA star that thinks his team is the one every one is sleeping on?  You guessed it.  It’s been beaten more then a horse coming down the home stretch.  “They don’t respect us!”

Just imagine if Mr Ed were here today and able to run Public Relations as a sort of translator for Mine That Bird.  The microphones would all be stacked up in front of the Kentucky Derby winner and a reporter would inevitably ask what he felt about being slated as the third or fourth best horse coming in.  Mr Ed would chime in with the dis-respect anthem, the most overplayed comment in all of sports.  I can picture it now.

“I win the Derby by a comfortable margin as a long shot, proving I’m for real, and what do I get in return;  Second billing behind a girl horse that didn’t even run in the Derby… and on top of that, my Jockey bails on me!  That’s fine keep disrespecting me, I’ll do my talking on the track!”

How does the Jockey win the Derby and not ride the same horse in the second leg of the Triple Crown?  That would be like an NFL team winning the Super Bowl and then letting their Quarterback go the following year.  Oh, wait a minute…

I hope Mine That Bird wins on Saturday and then struts his stuff at the “press conference” afterward as his x-jockey is condoling his Philly in the background.  Then, via his translator, he can spout out…  “I told them not to disrespect me!!”