Which Team Should I Root For?

June 21, 2014 | James Revere

According to a recent poll, Baltimore ranks second in terms of “bandwagon” fans. This poll has enough fire power for me to attack it for a week straight. For the time being, I felt it relevant to ask you the reader a simple question, to avoid being a bandwagon type fan, which team should I root for in the NBA?

This past NBA Finals, I thoroughly enjoyed watching a sport I knew little about. The majesty of Lebron’s game was a masterpiece. Yet the truly selfless play of the Spurs was something I hadn’t heard of before. Among most of my cohorts, all I ever heard of was “the offense must go through…”. The ego factor seems to be a big key in most teams in the NBA.

Of course I could take the easy way out and just become a Spurs fan. I mean what’s not to love? So many players tied into a system of true teamwork designed by a brilliant mind like Greg Popovich. Tim Duncan remaining the consummate professional for the years he has played. If he is to walk away from the game, I can truly say that I have seen the best power forward to ever play the position in his final NBA Finals.

There are a few other teams that I will say I have on my radar.

The Washington Wizards were the talk of the NBA Playoffs. For years they have been to basketball what the Orioles were to baseball. Constant bad drafts. Overblown free agent signings. Bringing in players way past their prime. The front office really put that team in a hole. Luckily the likes of Bradley Beal, Marcin Gortat, and John Wall were brought in and allowed to flourish. The result were felt far and wide this past season. With a year of success under their belt, and a potential salary cap reconfiguration to bring Kevin Durant back home, becoming a Wizards fan now would provide excitement for years to come.

Derrick Rose has been one player who I always seem to make sure I paid attention to. His ability to drive the lane was something legendary. I say was of course, due to the knee injuries that have befallen him these last few years. He truly is a shadow of his former self. That hasn’t stopped Joakim Noah from defending his heart out and guiding the Bulls as best as he can. With Rose due back this season, and Noah playing as an All American Defender should, things are looking up this year for the Bulls to come charging out of the East. The speculation that Carmelo could be coming to the Windy City has definitely got potential to make the Bulls a heavy favorite to challenge the Heat for the East crown.

Last and most certainly not least, The Golden State Warriors. While watching the Finals, I notice the best part of the game for me is the three point shot. No team did it better than Golden State. Let me rephrase that. Nobody did it better than Steph Curry. His follow through on his jumper has tinges of Mark Price during his Cleveland days. Add him with Klay Thompson, and you have a dynamic shooting back court the likes most of the league have never seen. If there is a way to add Kevin Love to the fray without parting ways with Klay, Golden State could be a thorn in the side of San Antonio almost instantly.

So I leave my fate as an NBA fan in the hands of you, folks. Who do you think I should declare my allegiances for? Which team is worth being a fan of? Whichever team gets the most votes, will gain a picture of me in the winning jersey on my Twitter and Facebook pages. My fate is in your hands. Be Gentle.