Who would you rather lose to?

September 16, 2010 | John West

As football fans, we are constantly looking ahead at the schedule. What if we win this week and lose next week? What if we loss 2 of the next 5, can we still make it to the playoffs as a top seed? That kinda stuff. Well, looking ahead at the schedule the next 3 weeks, I have come away with a question that has frankly been haunting me for a couple of days now.

After game 4, would you prefer to be 3-1 and loss to the Steelers or 2-2 and beat the Steelers?

It’s a simple enough question and the answer is completely irrelevant. But, as a true fan of the NFL, the fact that the question is irrelevant hasn’t changed how much time I have spent exploring all aspects of my answer.

The Ravens schedule is on the road at Cincy, home to Clev, on the road at Pitt. 3 out of 4 to start the season on the road. On the surface, there is no question what to do here, take the 3-1 record and move on.

The Steelers schedule is on the road in Tenn, on the road in Tampa, and home to the Ravens.

If you take a little deeper look at the 2-2 and option, it is starting to look much better. First of all, by beating the Steelers, they would be looking at a 2-2 start and probably not a 3-1 start. Same as us with the Ravens owning the tie breaker having beaten the Steelers once and the remaining game late in the year at home. That looks pretty good.

If we start off 3-1 and lose to the Steelers, odds are the Steelers will be 3-1 as well. The Steelers would probably be 3-1 to start the season, without Ben, and beating the Ravens, thus currently owning the tie breaker of us. Most of that stinks.

What I want is to be 3-1 and beat the Steelers. We all want that (unless you want us to be 4-0 to start the year, and I’m not sure that’s doable).

So, which do you prefer? I still don’t have an answer, but I am darn sure leaning to the option that has us beating the Steelers in week 4.