Who’s NUMBER one?

November 26, 2007 | Keith Melchior

Got some interesting comments on my blog from last night. Out of curiousity I browsed the online auction company with the name that sounds like our favorite steamed crab seasoning (since they aren’t a sponsor of WNST, I’ll not mention the name)

As of 145pm today, Monday Nov 26th, there were 413 listings for Ravens/Patriot tickets for next Monday night’s game, 294 listings for the game vs the Colts and 198 for the last home game against the Steelers. And this is just one site. I haven’t even looked at the Sun’s classifieds yet but I probably won’t bother.

So, with at least 826 tickets available for Monday night football, it means 1 out of 85 fans is selling his/her ticket. That amounts to maybe 2 people per section. Granted there are numerous ways and means to sell tickets, but 2 people in an entire section is a paltry sum. Get ready folks. There’s going to be 5000 Patriot fans in attendance. 

It’s going to be cold Monday night. The breeze will be blowing, the temperature probably dipping into the 20’s or 30’s. Tuesday is a work/school day. I’m certain at least 10000 people will not even go to the game and you can bet the mortgage 40% of the people who actually show up will be leaving by 10pm, so they can make it home before 12am and get some sleep.

As the Ravens falter and the alcohol kicks in, Ravens’ fans will begin to taunt and fight each other. I see it all the time in the upper east end zone. To some of you, bashing the Ravens in front of another Ravens fan is like someone calling your mother a name. Your defense mechanism kicks in and you are ready to take on anyone who doesn’t share your point of view, no matter what the cost.

Face it, the Ravens don’t really care how you paint your face, how many pounds of beads you wear on your neck, whether you dress up like a bird, or what time you leave. The money has already been counted, deposited and collecting interest well before kickoff. Just like college football polls, there is no clear cut number one. To them, you are all number one fans as long as you have your payment to them by June 1st.