Why does Pittsburgh always ruin everything?

May 09, 2009 |

Who is this sad fool who has brought his work him with him on the weekend?

That would be me.

Between uploading cheerleader photos from the calendar shoot (See here) And finishing up these feature articles on some of the girls, I didn’t really have much of a Saturday night tonight. Combined with heading back to Owings Mills for the mini-camp and starting/finishing Mother’sDay shopping, I really didn’t have a Saturday. I remember when Saturday meant just relaxing. I miss that.

But, I still managed to multitask and catch the Caps game, a great, yet ultimately disappointing Game 5. I’ve already professed my love for Game 7. Now everyone is going to love Game 7, because we’re going to need one to see the Caps move on. Regardless, playoff hockey is underrated. At least when Ovechkin and Crosby are playing.

Notes from Mini-Camp: Marcus Smith and Tavares Gooden both look really good. Joe Flacco is on point. Michael Oher and Paul Kruger are just large humans.