Why I hate the Steelers

September 30, 2010 | John West

Why I hate the Steelers?

This is one of the universal questions being asked around town this week. There have been so many types of answers; I discovered one truth about them all. All of the reasons why we hate the Steelers are intensely personal to the person with that hate. As a city, we have collectively decided to hate them, but we all have different reasons why. It has been a fascinating week in that respect.

For some, it’s the Joey “cheap shot” Porter hit on Todd Heap

For some, it’s wanting someone to hit Hines Ward so hard that his smile is wiped off his face.

For some, it’s that each time we play them, so much is on the line.

For some, it’s their fans that live in cities other than Pittsburgh are so damn obnoxious.

For some, it’s the manner in which the NFL has treated their gambling owners. That’s right; the Rooney family has ownership in gambling facilities. But it’s the Steelers, so that’s ok.

For me, its very basic…….They have the history that was taken from us. Let me explain.

NFL teams in Baltimore have been to 6 Super Bowls/NFL Championship Games and we are 4-2. The Baltimore Colts won NFL Championships in 1958 and 1959, and they lost one in 1964. The Baltimore Colts lost Super Bowl 3 and won Super Bowl 5. The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV.

That is a damn proud NFL history that belongs to this city. It isn’t 6 Super Bowl wins, like the Steelers. However, 4-2 in Championship games is a proud record to have for a city. And we don’t have it.

I don’t blame the Steelers. Its just that I cannot see them and not think about their history, and become reminded of all we have lost. And that loss stirs my hate. I know this path leads to the “Dark Side” but I just don’t care.