Why is Felix Pie So Angry?

November 27, 2010 |

What is your LF/CF doing this winter? Dan Connolly at The Sun has uncovered some excellent footage of Orioles outfielder Felix Pie going loco in a Dominican winter league game a few weeks back. The broadcast is in Spanish, but roughly translated the announcers are saying, “Oh my god, Felix Pie is attacking the first base umpire!”

That’s eight years of grade school Spanish classes, thank you very much.

Anyway, Pie is known as a fiery competitor, and if you watch the film, you’ll see that his momentary lapse of calm judgment is not a big deal.


Just for fun, let’s try to figure out why Pie got so angry.

A. He heard that the O’s are already striking out on this year’s free agent class

B. He found out that Aubrey Huff won a World Series and signed a two year $22 million deal once he was freed from The Birds

C. He found out that the first baseman is a Nolan Reimold fan

D. Someone inquired about the long-term effects of his Spring Training accident with the Cubs a few years back

E. The reality of another Spring Training began setting in