Why Not or Why Bother?

March 18, 2008 | Keith Melchior

I know it’s March Madness time with the NCAA tournament tipping off this week, and everyone’s blogs surround their selections, upset picks, Cinderellas, and stone cold locks. 65 teams are hoping to catch lightning in a bottle for 6 games (or 7 if Coppin and MSM) and vie for the chance to be #1. 

Kind of reminds me of the start of the baseball season. Like the NCAA, there are teams who know they will win and make the playoffs, teams who hope they can win and possibly make the playoffs and teams who know they have no chance but hope to compete enough to show a profit over the course of the season. Then, there are the Baltimore Orioles.

There are numerous opinions out there questioning whether the front office is doing the right thing by rebuilding with a youth movement.  My questions are:

Will Dave Trembley really show his talents as a manager and teacher or will he just turn into another frustrated babysitter?

Are there hopes that a certain chemistry forms over the first 100 plus games and propels the team into the chance that 2009 will be THE year?

Will Adam “Hac-man” Jones be the anchor in center field and evolve as the catalyst?

Will the young starting staff continue to learn and grow, while hopefully getting past the 6th inning?

Will Daniel Cabrera finally bust out and live up to the expectations of being a dominant pitcher? 

Where will Brian Roberts be playing on March 30th?

Will the attendance improve this year?

What interest do you have in the Orioles this season?

Will you attend a certain number of games?

Will you only go if tickets are freebies?

Or will you simply find other things to do until the start of Ravens training camp?

Will people really get behind the team like they did in the 1989 WHY NOT season or will this be another WHY BOTHER season as in the last few years?