Why should we care?

September 08, 2009 | Paul Hoke

God, here it goes again. Another blog in reference to that baseball team. the one I loved as a kid, like all of us, but the one who has time and again, as adults, disappointed and infuriated us. My question tonight? Why in the world should we care? They obviously don’t. If you think for one second that the powers that be inside the Warehouse give two damns that the O’s were trounced 10-0 by the Boston Red Sox tonight, then I’ll have what you’re having.

I have a 9-year old son who loves baseball, and the Orioles. B-Rob is his favorite player and he collects baseball cards, just like i did back when i was his age. The difference is, he, at 9, cares more about the baseball team winning then the ones pulling the strings in the warehouse. All they care about is making money. Let’s be honest. Is the O’s go 60-102 this year, but Mr. Angelos still clears $50 million, do you think he cares at all about improving the team? What’s his incentive? As the previous 12 years have shown, no matter who is “in charge” (Thrift, Flanagan, Beattie, MacPhail), the one signing the checks, doesn’t care how embarrassing this team is on the field, as long as the books show a net gain. And that leads us back to my question….WHY IN THE HELL SHOULD WE CARE?????

We care because no matter how much they (The Orioles) don’t care, their success on the field directly impacts the city, and the community. The Ravens get it. Hell, even the Blast get it. But that’s why we care. Because we care about this city, and we care about what a civic disgrace this club has become. We’re a laughing stock. And that hurts….but not enough for me to spend a dime at the ballpark.