Why the Ravens Offense in Preseason is no Indication of the Regular Season

August 25, 2010 |

Throughout the last 2 weeks, there have been many people concerned with the way that the Ravens “new and improved” offense has looked in preseason. Even earlier this week, there were talks of Marc Bulger becoming the starting QB for the Ravens. Uhhhh, what?

In the Carolina game, we saw no Ray Rice. This is because we do not want to wear down our best offensive weapon. In the 2nd game against Washington, Rice was a tad shaky with carrying the ball, but still showed why he is one of the league’s best. No one should be worried about Rice.

At times throughout the last 2 games, I have found myself asking why the Ravens are not running it more. It frustrates me to see passing plays not work when we all know a Rice and McGahee run up the middle could easily spring for a first down. Then it dawned on me, we are trying to work out the kinks in the passing game. We already know what we are going to get from our RB’s, but with this new group of WR we must figure out just how good they are going to be. What a better way to do this than in the preseason, right? Right.

One of the other concerns I have heard regards Joe Flacco locking onto Derrick Mason once again and seemingly ignoring Boldin. We have only seen a few catches from our #1 guy, but this might be a good thing. Here is why. No one has ANY tape on the Flacco-Boldin combination. No one knows what it is going to bring yet. We all know what it is capable of, but no one has seen it. This is a good thing, especially with the team we are matched up against in week 1. Why lock onto Boldin every time and give Rex Ryan something to work with for his CB’s? Don’t let the lack of Boldin’s production tell you anything about what this great talent is going to do for our team this year.

Preseason sucks, we know this. We all want to see the starters do their thing and then get out of there, so I can understand why some may be frustrated not getting a good look at Anquan Boldin. Let me tell you this though, it is a good thing.

Everything will be fine.