Why WNST Sucks

January 27, 2010 |


First let me say that everything said here is completely opinion. Much like others will have opinion of me, I have my own.

In the coming days, I will be blogging my top 3reasons why WNST sucks. Of course there are many, but I will only include my top 3. Earlier today I posted a rant why the station sucks but it was quickly removed like a child having a tantrum. Although I was told that I am free to speak my mind, a certain someone had it removed. I guess my issue isn;t necessarily with the station, but certain egotistical members. I will mention that there is at least one positive in the station with Haynie. He’s the only one that really seems to now what he is talking about. Sure there have been others in the past, but they were not retained by WNST…I’m sure everyone knows who I’m talking about. Anyway, without further stalling, Here is my #3 reason that WNST sucks.

#3 – The Website
This site is clearly open source. You would think with the money sunk into it, it would have been custom made and not one that a middle school dropout could have created. It is a free applicaiton that is a decent platform, but poorly constructed and organized. I mean…..look at it.

Another thing about the site. Well, I guess it’s a generalization. “We Never Stop Talking Baltimore Sports”? With exception to the Capitals and MMA I sippose. I’m a hockey fan and have played since I was 10 years old. So you have to understand that it’s a little irritating to see a station jump on the bandwagon once the Caps become good. I guess bashing the Orioles got old. I hate what has happened wiht this team as much as the next guy, but to hear how much more someone is about the situation since they own a sports radio station. That’s an insult to every Orioles fan around. I understand the point of trying to grab headlines, but sounding more narcicistic in the process can’t be good….well at least for sane people.

Oops, I’m getting off topic. The wnst.net home page is not only a collage of useless information, it’s filled with disorganized frames (most of which require a scroll bar). I would ask for my money back. But that’s not important. Whatever bad decisions are made by ownership is its’ own fault. If the push is for the website to be the main atraction, I think it’s time to clean it up a little.

I will post this on facebook since I have been removed as a friend of someone. I don;t anticipate this being removed as quickly. But then again, maybe I’ll be impressed. The last blog post took only 8 monutes to be removed.