Will Bisciotti go with Garrett or just re-hire Billick?

January 14, 2008 |

I, like a lot of people, favor Jason Garrett as the next coach of the Baltimore Ravens.
That said, I don’t see how any vocal critic of Brian Billick can endorse Garrett. After all, he called the plays for a 13-3 team which, after a week off, lost a home playoff game – precisely what Billick did last year, but with far inferior offensive talent. So if you’re backing Garrett, you’re basically saying Billick shouldn’t have been fired, right?
Hopefully, this shows how ridiculous knee-jerk reactions are when it comes to NFL coaching. Before this weekend, Norv Turner and Tom Coughlin were maligned re-treds; now people are calling their wins yesterday “poetic justice” for their critics. Green Bay’s Mike McCarthy is about to get a contract extension. Why? Because Brett Favre is good at throwing underhanded passes on the run during a blinding snow storm? I’ve already heard one Cowboy fan call for Wade Phillips’ head, I assume because Tony Romo other-threw a wide-open Terrell Owens in the second half of yesterday’s loss. I guess Phillips shouldn’t have let that happen.
I couldn’t help but laugh when Jamison Hensley wrote in the Sun today that Jason Garrett is now available “thanks to Tony Romo and the Cowboys.” Funny, I don’t remember the Sun writing last year that the Ravens were ousted from the postseason “thanks to Steve McNair” (who played a much worse game vs. the Colts last year than Romo did yesterday vs. the Giants). In fact, I seem to remember the Sun blaming Billick for the loss because he didn’t run the ball enough. Well, yesterday Marion Barber only had 10 carries in the second half, after rushing for 115 yards in the first half. Guess for some people (especially Sun writers) that’s okay if you’re Jason Garrett, but not if you’re Brian Billick.