Will your feet talk in ’08?

December 11, 2007 | Drew Forrester

I brought up this question this morning but didn’t have an opportunity to make it a major part of the show.  Now, in blog-form, it might be more suitable to bring up and discuss.

Are you willing to give up your Ravens tickets and/or PSL if Brian Billick is the team’s Head Coach in 2008?

Wait – let’s re-word that.  Brian Billick is going to be back as the team’s Head Coach next season…are you so despondent over that fact that you’re willing to give up your tickets and/or PSL?

Today is Tuesday, which can mean only one thing in Baltimore – at least as far as my radio show is concerned:  "Billick has to go".  Yep, if it’s Tuesday, callers and e-mailers are going to be asking for the coach’s head.

Aren’t you all getting tired of wasting your energy with this brow-beating that’s not going to lead to anything except high blood pressure and chewed-down fingernails?

I wrote this a few weeks back and I guess I’ll repeat it again today just because it’s topical to this item.  The Ravens are NOT going to let the fans, the MEDIA or any other outside source influence their decision(s) on what players play, who the coach is, who gets fired and who gets hired.  No team in professional sports functions like that.

Mike in Rosedale and Jerry in Timonium triggered this question today when they once again called in ("is it live…or is it Memorex?") with their same old boring, soup-of-the-day-is-chicken-noodle (again) theme centered mainly on "Billick has to be fired" or else.

Or else what?

And therein lies the question.

Are those of you who are losing sleep over Billick’s imminent return willing to put your money where your mouth is?  Or, actually, are you willing to put your money where your "feet" are?  As in, no longer in the stadium?

Is the whining and moaning more about personal therapy and anger-energy release than it is logical, sound, football discussion?

At this stage, have YOU joined the crusade to get the coach fired?  Have you received your membership card too? 

Are you now more concerned with just being "right" and being part of the popular crowd that says Billick needs to go?

If you’re part of the Anti-Billick legion, what are you going to do next September?

Baseball fans in this town don’t go to the games anymore as a widespread demonstration against what has become one of the game’s most unsuccessful franchises.  The statement is made every Tuesday night in the spring and summer when 8,500 people walk in to Camden Yards:  "You’re going to lose for 10 straight years, we’re not coming anymore."

Of course, it’s not exactly apples and oranges with the Ravens and Brian Billick, because the Ravens have WON and won a lot since Billick arrived in 1999.  Of course, the legion by-laws demand that you "throw out that Super Bowl season" in 2000 because Billick "rode the coattails of the defense" and throw out the ’03 and ’06 playoff appearances because they were "flukes".  That’s like saying if you look at Pamela Anderson and pretend she’s flat chested, she’s really NOT that attractive.  Then again, logic is no longer prevailing in this town when it comes to the review of Billick, his history here and the current ’07 edition of this Ravens franchise that probably would have a tough time winning a BCS Bowl Game right now.

I ask you again:  "What are you going to do next September?" 

Are you gonna let your feet do the talking?  Will you be walking on a golf course somewhere on the second Sunday in September instead of walking into M&T Bank Stadium to watch a football game?

Is it THAT bad?

By all rights (as an American), you can certainly continue on with your daily rants, your radio bashings, your on-line and internet contributions and it’s well within your ticket-buying/PSL owning wherewithall to not give up the fight to get the Head Coach fired. 

But those frustrations and that tension and that anger aren’t going to lead to his dismissal. 

And what are you going to do next September?

Are you willing to give up those seats you’ve cherished for so long?

The games are expensive.  So are the beers.  I know, as a father now, discretionary income that’s used for football tickets can also be used for more important things like diapers, baby clothes, college education and good red wine. 

Baseball fans have answered with their feet. 

Is your bark worse than your bite?  Or are you willing to let your feet do the talking next September?

I wonder…