Win, and we’re in!

December 21, 2009 | Paul Hoke

It’s all playing out, right in front of us. The Baltimore Ravens path to the playoffs is clear…if they win, then they’re in!! It doesn’t get much easier then that. Now, I’m not saying the path to the playoffs is an easy one, it surely isn’t. What I’m saying, is that the road is crystal clear. All they have to do, is win. Which is how it should be.

If you want a place at the NFL playoff table, you should have to earn your way in. And that’s where our Ravens find themselves after whipping the Chicago Bears, 31-7, in frigid M&T Bank Stadium. 8-6. In sole possession of the fifth slot in the AFC playoff race. Many thanks, of course, to the Oakland Raiders, who knocked off the Steelers a couple weeks ago, and the Denver Broncos today. It’s all right in front of them. But a worthy adversary looms in front of them…those Pittsburgh Steelers.

Could it happen, any other way? Look, I don’t care about the last second victory over the Packers. The Steelers are not making the playoffs this year. They have too many tie breakers against too many teams to make it in. But…they stand in our way. And if you don’t think that they would love nothing more, then to knock the Ravens out of the catbird spot in the AFC wildcard chase, then you haven’t been watching football for the last decade. This game in Pittsburgh is HUGE. If Flacco and company can’t beat the Steelers this time around, then maybe we don’t deserve a playoff team. Forget the Oakland game at the moment. Without a win over Pittsburgh, the Oakland game is meaningless. The Ravens need to beat the Steelers. It’s all right in front of them. To borrow a line from the Raiders….Just Win Baby, and they’re in.

I have high hopes. Joe was very good in his 4 touchdown performance over Chicago. Ray Rice is playing his best football of the season. The defense wasn’t great at the start, but settled in and played great against the Bears, they seem to be hitting their stride. God hope the Lardarius Webb injury isn’t serious. But this is a group that has certainly played better over the course of the past month. And they need to continue that stretch, especially against Ben and the rest of the Steelers.

GOD I hate them!!!!!

At the end of the day, the Ravens’ path to the post season is totally their responsibility. They hold the 5th slot in the AFC, and they control they’re own destiny.

After the year the Ravens have had, the fact that they control their own destiny is more then we could hope for right now. It isn’t exactly what we thought it would be this time of year, but at 8-6, I think we, as Ravens’ fan, will take it.

At the end of the day, Go Ravens!!!!!! Two more wins, gets us to the dance.!!!