Win Like a Raven

September 14, 2010 | John West

Purple Reactions

Thank God for Ray Lewis. He is so good, it is easy to forget sometimes how fantastic he is. Sometimes, you think he is just really good. But not last night. When will I stop forgetting how great Ray is? I don’t know. It is a special treat to watch him play middle linebacker and I an eternally grateful he has always been a Raven. Thank you Ray for defining what it means to “Play like a Raven”

Welcome to the team Anquan Boldin (I had to look at me bobble head to make sure I spelled his name correctly). You are so much more than a breath of fresh air to this offense. You are a gust of oxygen to an average offense that just might push us over the top. The Jets defense is the best in the league. Yet this offense picked up the blitzes and found Anquan down the field making great catches all night long. Was this the Ravens offense? If it is, I am very excited.

Haloti Ngata is a freaken beast. He is sooooo good it is scary. He can stop the run and pressure the QB, in a 3 man front. He is such an asset to this team, and a cornerstone for this franchise to build around in years to come. Lock him under a long term contract right now.

The overall defense was hard to gauge because the Jets offense looked like Kyle Boller would be an upgrade to the QB position. Wow, they were horrible. But I am prepared to say our defense will be top 5 again, maybe top 3. Doesn’t matter. They played really good last night and they aren’t healthy.

The overall offense was pretty good. Too many turnovers and couldn’t run the ball. Hard to grade them very high, except on the 3rd down conversions. Wow, have you ever seen anything as freaky as that was last night. The most comfortable I got all night was when we were in a 3 and 8+. Crazy!!!

However, the overriding reaction to this game has got to be the coach by coach comparison between Rex and Coach Harbaugh. Ozzie had this choice 3 years ago and pick John Harbaugh. Thank you Ozzie!!! The unprofessional, sloppy, out of control, all about me, mentality and bravado that Rex brings as the Jets coach is nothing I want to be a fan of. It’s cheap and second rate and mostly embarrassing. Coach Harbaugh brings a sense of pride and respectfulness that I love to route for. Coach Harbaugh coaches “Like a Raven” and I just love that.

1-0, and look out Cincy.