*wink* Gary Williams press conference transcript here

March 15, 2009 | Drew Forrester

30 minutes after the Terps appeared on the CBS TV selection show — as an “in” team and not one of the unlucky victims of the bubble — Gary Williams gathered the media together for an impromptu press conference at College Park.

Williams strolled to the podium.

“Thanks for coming out,” he said.

“Any of you have a pipe?” he asked.

From the back of the packed room, an older gentleman emerged and handed Williams a pipe.

Williams then removed a freshly printed blank bracket from his front jacket pocket.

He folded it up neatly.

“We’re in the NCAA tournament,” he yelled as he stuffed the folded up bracket into the pipe.

“Put that in your pipe — and smoke it!!”

And with that, he strolled out.

That didn’t really happen, of course. 

But, man, oh man, I wish it would have.

That would have made for great TV.