Winter Classic 2011

December 31, 2010 |

Well, were upon a new year, 2011! On January 1st, there is always something to watch. Like, the Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and sometimes NFL. This year on Jan 1st, we get a great NHL rivalry featuring Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals taking on Gold Medalist Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins at infamous Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA. This match takes the leagues top 2 players, and 2 best teams and puts them in one of the biggest games of the year. Honestly, I can’t wait! HBO aired a mini series about these 2 teams preparing for the Classic called 24/7 Penguins, Capitals, Road to the Winter Classic. Honestly, I liked the series. It goes behind the scenes of being a hockey player in the NHL. Back to the actual game, the game is going to be moved to 8pm EST because of rain (thanks Pittsburgh). Like I always say, prime time is better, plus it doesn’t compete with the Rose Bowl, but it does with the Fiesta Bowl. My prediction for this game is Washington-2, Pittsburgh-1. Goals by Ovechkin, Backstrom for the Caps and Crosby for the Pens. Can’t wait any longer for this one!