With Garrett and Ravens…it’s obviously personal.

January 15, 2008 | Drew Forrester

I’m not a sleuth by any means but even this one is easy for me to figure out.

The Ravens have their next Head Coach in the crosshairs and it’s Jason Garrett.

But why Garrett?

That’s the part that’s easy to figure out.

It’s personal.

Garrett must have pulled “a Mike Tomlin” with the interview committee in Baltimore when he came to town two Saturdays ago.

Obviously, they aren’t hiring him based on a long, successful, championship-heavy coaching or coordinator career.  He doesn’t have one of those.  He was a 2-year staff member with the Dolphins and spent the 2007 season as the Cowboys Offensive Coordinator.  That’s it.  His resume is a one-pager.

So, the Ravens are hiring him because he must have “wowed them” on a personal level during the interview process.  Isn’t that why people actually conduct interviews anyway?  Don’t you WANT to be “wowed” by someone in the room?  Of course.  You wouldn’t hire someone who came in and bored you to death and left NO impression.  You need to find that person who leaves an indelible impression. 

I’m here to say the Ravens met with Jason Garrett and when he left for the airport late in the day, the hiring committee members were flush with excitement because of Garrett’s personality.

And, as Mike Tomlin proved this past season in Pittsburgh, sometimes that method for hiring someone works out just fine.

There’s nothing at all wrong with hiring someone because you think they’re a really good human being.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Jason Garrett doesn’t possess football coaching accumen.  He might.  He just doesn’t have a whole lot of coaching experience for the Ravens to reflect upon and analyze.  One season as an offensive coordinator does not a Hall of Fame coach make. 

But, he does have 41 years of experience being on this planet and, evidently, he must be a good, honest, hard-working guy who also possesses the ability to motivate other people to succeed.

If he won the Ravens job because he’s a GREAT person, there’s a fairly strong chance he might also become a GREAT coach someday.