WNST Anniversary Party A Blast!!

August 09, 2008 |

As everyone knows WNST held it’s 10th Anniversary yesterday at Sports Legends. My family went to the event and had a tremedous time.

I emailed Nestor this morning to thank him again for having us at the event and to tell him how much fun our son Connor had at the event.

Connor and I were in the basement and he was attempting to an announcer at one of the displays at Sports Legends and John Buren the former Sportscaster from Channel 13 came over and started helping Connor. So for a few minutes John was helping Connor out with a Cal Ripken home run that was on the tape. For a parent it was priceless!! I just want to thank John Buren again for that.

That was the way all the Celeb’s were last night at the event. All of them were so easy to talk to and for once all of them even would start a conversation with you. As I told Nestor this morning alot of us get to talk to Celebs all the time, but the average Joe doesn’t. That is the part of the business that I really enjoy!! Whether it be with Ed Block or some Radio Show when I get to see some regular person have the chance to meet and talk to one of the Celebs I enjoy it. To see the reaction on the face of the person and especially if the Celeb is like the ones at the event yesterday and they get to talk to the Celeb for a minute or two, Oh My!! The way the person walks away and acts as if they really know that Celeb makes me feel good. The Celeb on the other hand may or may not remember that person, but the person will never forget it.

Both the Ayanbadejo brothers, Randy Monroe, Gregg Olson, Dave Johnson, Mike Flanagan, Bruce Laird, Toni Linhart and of course Brian Billick made alot of fans happy yesterday. There were probally others that I have left out and I will say I’m sorry but you can’t get to talk to everyone with the crowd that was present last night.

The only thing that I would ask for the next event is that the Hot Dogs not be so burnt!!

I wanted to meet alot of the other bloggers but with the amount of people at the event it was hard to get around. But this is a good thing for WNST!! A great turnout!!