WNST making O’s related announcement on Tuesday at 8am

September 06, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I’m not going to give away the details of Tuesday morning’s 8am announcement, re: the O’s and WNST.  You’ll just have to tune in, I suppose.

What I will say, though, is it’s very obvious if you look at the attendance figures at OPACY that *something* needs to be done.  

This baseball franchise continues to languish at the turnstiles, unless you take away the 20 or so cash cows out of their 81 home game schedule — namely, anytime the Yankees and Red Sox show up with their legion of supporters and, naturally, opening day, where 48,000 people suddenly get orange fever…only to lose it by mid-April.

The Texas Rangers strolled into town this weekend and an announced total of roughly 54,000 (for all three games, that is) crammed their way into Baltimore’s ballpark.

Meanwhile, in Tampa Bay — you know, the city that doesn’t care about their team — 82,000 saw the Rays and Tigers play three games, including a sell-out on Saturday. 

Even Pittsburgh — yes, Pittsburgh, where NO ONE cares about baseball anymore — outdrew the O’s this weekend, as they supposedly had 61,000 in PNC Park for three home games against the Cardinals. 

Two disinterested baseball cities outdrew Baltimore this weekend. 

I agree…it’s time to send another message to the Warehouse.

Tune in Tuesday.