WNST passes WBAL to become No. 1 radio website in Baltimore!

January 10, 2009 | WNST Staff

Earlier tonight the latest Alexa rankings (www.alexa.com) were released and as predicted a few weeks ago in a previous blog, WNST.net has become the No. 1 radio website in Baltimore. That’s not the “sports” radio market, which includes three sites. That’s not the regional sports network (MASNsports.com) or the local  sports web operations, it’s No. 1 OVERALL in radio in Charm City. And again, if we don’t tell you about it, how would you know? But you can go to Alexa and see for yourself and see where every website in the universe ranks for daily traffic. There’s no hiding WNST’s growth in the marketplace.

Friday night in Nashville on the eve of the biggest road football game since 2001’s January trip here, WNST.net worked with former Ravens QB Steve McNair to raise more than $5,000 for the Air McNair Foundation and the Ronald McDonald House of Baltimore. McNair came to Limelight and immersed himself amongst nearly 1,000 purple Raven Maniacs. The videos are in wnsTV’s vault here and here. Later this morning we’ll have all of the visual evidence of the biggest purple party we’ve seen since Whiskey Joe’s in Tampa eight years ago as thousands of purple maniacs took to the streets of Nashville outside of our WNST party at Graham Central Station.

About 3,000 Ravens fans marched across the Cumberland River in unison from our party. Videos of all of this madness are coming soon on wnsTV.

WNST’s Alexa ranking is currently 112,843 moving past WBAL.com’s 117,583. Currently the Baltimore Sun leads the market at 4,186, BaltimoreRavens.com is at 34,053, while WBALtv.com is 39,578 and WJZ.com is at 42,694. We are ahead of Fox 45’s site (374,448) and quickly approaching WMAR’s traffic (96,910).

And you can go see the field for yourself.

And pick any radio station you want in Baltimore and enter their web address and you’ll see where they stand. From 98 Rock to WPOC to 92Q…whatever your favorite local station…we’re way ahead of all of them. You can pick any website on the planet and measure “little WNST” against the universe.

Sure, our RADIO signal goes down at night. That’s the worst-kept secret in Baltimore and and there’s nothing we can do to improve our radio signal because of FCC regulations and guidelines. And we’re really unconcerned with that after a decade because we think we are building Baltimore’s No. 1 interactive sports community on the web. We want to live in your phone, even more so than on your radio dial.

We’re not just a little radio station anymore and we’ll never be one again.

It’s our mission statement — to build something you’ll love, talk about and contribute to with your thoughts. It’s our community and that’s never been more apparent to us as a citizens, community members and local sports fans here in Baltimore.

But this website is here for you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – with all of Baltimore’s best blogs, radio on demand and location video on demand (like the Nashville videos we shot yesterday from the street and from our buses and from our parties) that will prove that at WNST.net:

“We Never Stop Talking” Baltimore Sports.

Thanks for hitting the site. We’re had an amazing time here in Nashville. But you can watch the videos now and see that for yourself. Share them with your friends. Tell your friends who love the Ravens about WNST.

Thanks for making us No. 1 in Baltimore radio on the web!