WNST’s 24- hour Marathon is truly a selfless act

July 11, 2009 |

If there is any doubt from any Baltimore sports fans out there that WNST is not the best sports entity in Baltimore then this weekend should remove that doubt.

Today at noon, Rex Snider, Jason Jubb and WNST make radio “history” when they launch a 24- hour radio marathon to support cancer research at Harbor Hospital. This act is very unprecedented and will have those WNST “enemies” view the station in a much different light.

Cancer is a disease that touches all of us, whether directly or through friends, and cancer research should be something that everyone supports. Personally, I lost my grandfather and some other family members to cancer and my grandmother is battling the heinous disease as we speak. I am sure every person out there knows someone who has lost a battle with cancer and that is what this marathon is all about.

Sure, there is an impressive lineup of stars and celebrities ranging from Peter Gammons, Joe Flacco, John Kruk and Antonio “Buttons” Freeman, to Ed Norton and Pam Shriver. Despite the star power this marathon is truly about something much greater. All of these celebrities are joining the marathon not to get their name out there and boost their own egos, they are joining the fight to cure cancer. 

Many local businsses are on board and sponsoring the marathon and  this event would not be possible without their generosity.

WNST needs to be commended for their efforts. I know of no other radio station, sports or otherwise, that has done such an event for such a worthy cause. While I love promoting WNST, every one of us that are about of the marathon are a part of it for completely selfless reasons.

 Rex has been gracious enough to let me come on the air Saturday night from 9-11 and I am honored to do my part- no matter how small it may be- to support the cause.

I am asking everyone- no matter what you think of WNST- to listen to WNST 1570am and WNST.net today starting at noon and support our marathon. Donations can be made through the website or dropped off at our studio on 1550 Hart Road in Towson Md. Every donation, no matter how small, helps and is appreciated.

Cancer has effected my life and I am sure it has effected the lives of everyone who is reading this. Join WNST and Harbor Hospital and help us fight this dreaded disease.

Donate not for yourself and your beliefs but for every person that has lost a battle with cancer. Those people are who the marathon is truly about.