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April 27, 2009 |


Just as I did last weekend, I will span the beltway and slightly beyond to bring you “the constant variety of sports”, just as the late Jim McKay would.
First, I will briefly address the Ravens’ selection in the NFL Draft. I can sum up my feelings for this and every Ravens’ draft with four words:”In Ozzie We Trust”. Or at least, “In Ozzie I TRUST!”
It never ceases to amaze me how most fans who could care less about college football are suddenly experts in the draft and think that they know more about what would benefit the Ravens than Ozzie Newsome.
Ozzie has forgotten more about football than anyone who reads these blogs ever will know (Brian Billick being an exception). I have heard people call in today and say that “Ozzie is overrated”, “Why didn’t we go after Bouldin?”, “Why didn’t we get a receiver?” To those people, I say, why don’t you get a clue?
Other than at wideout, I thought the Ravens met their needs by position. Keep in mind that the Ravens don’t have a lot of cap space and first round draft picks command high salaries. I can understand the Ravens being reluctant to give a lucrative contract to someone with alligator arms. Also, keep in mind, Ozzie won’t throw his other receivers under the bus because many of them were also drafted by him. He and the team still feel that they will be productive on the field. With all due respect to great free agents such as Michael McCrary, Shannon Sharpe, Derrick Mason and many others, a good portion of the Ravens’ past success has been built by the draft. The previous drafts were significant in producing a Super Bowl champion, two appearances in the AFC Championship game and several AFC North Division titles and palyoff appearances during the brief history of the team. So, people, cut Ozzie some slack, will ya?

Then there are the Birds. Their pitching staff wins the Dennis Green award for being “they are what we thought they are.” But I’ll remain positive about the Orioles anyway. I won’t drink the “orange Kool-aid” but I won’t urinate in it, either.
And then there are the Caps. Just when it looked Lundqvist might frustate the “red”, Sean Avery cost his team by acting like a maniac. Tortella then benches him only to be suspended for fighting with a drunk fan.(BTW, the Rangers have a lot of nerve criticizing the Caps for their lack of security. If anyone has ever been to a game at Yankee, Shea, MSG or Giant Stadium and has worn opposing colors there, well , maybe the only places that would be less safe might be Philadelphia or Cleveland. ) Then Lunqvist, who had been carrying them through the series, started to allow soft goals to Washington and before you know it, the series is tied, 3-3.
I will not be able to watch the game due to covering UMBC baseball tomorrow night, but I encourage anyone who considers themselves a Caps or hockey fan to watch the game with Drew Forrester at the Silver Spring Mining Company in Perry Hall. I watched Game 3 there last week and had a great time. Go Caps! 

Finally, I would encourage anyone who is a baseball fan to support the local schools in the area, such as UMBC. This year, they have had a disappointing season but have won 4 of their last five and have played hard every time that I have had a chance to see them. Go to their website, www.umbcretrievers.com to see their next home game. Parking and admission to their games is FREE, so treat yourself and your family to a game there.

P.S. Caps fans, click onto the video above to get you fired up for tonight! Be careful, though. Some of  the language isn’t work safe! I posted this last week before the previous Perry Hall viewing party. It might help again.