Would YOU Refuse The Job …. Why Should Girardi ??

June 20, 2007 | WNST Interns

I’m certain there are plenty of readers who might think I’m supporting the MacPhail/Girardi moves to simply take the “flip side” of the arguments. Trust me, it’s not my style. I’m passionate, but I’m no actor. Thus, my feelings are real …. and I honestly believe the steps taken this week CAN make this team measurably better.

I couldn’t care less if Andy MacPhail has had a public coronation as the new “C.O.O.”, nor whether Dave Trembley showed up for the press conference on Monday. What would he say? How about “My name is Dave Trembley and my media segment will be brought to you by WeStaff Temporary Agencies …. for the next week.” You know, I know, we all know Dave Trembley won’t be the manager when the next NASCAR race rolls around, this Sunday.

I look at it this way …. this latest series of moves by Orioles brass are different than the numerous blunders over the past nine years. For me, it’s the addition of Andy MacPhail. This man has credibility – he’s constructed World Champions …. more than once. If given the opportunities, he’ll make it happen. If not afforded the chance, he won’t. It’s simple, huh?

Now, on to Joe Girardi …. who are we (fans, media and conversationalists) to suggest Girardi shouldn’t seize the opportunity to manage in the big leagues, again? Let’s not forget, he doesn’t possess a storied past, chock full of distinguished accomplishments, when it comes to his managerial career. Girardi has one year of managerial experience under his belt. Sure, he took home the “National League Manager of the Year” award, last season …. but, he was dismissed from his duties, as well.

It’s not my intention to exploit Girardi’s firing; I attribute it to the ‘ole “oil and water” argument, when considering his relationship with Marlins’ ownership. However, Girardi needs a fresh start and the opportunity is in front of him. He can be “predicted” as the successor to Joe Torre or Tony LaRussa or whoever. Guess what …. predictions don’t pay the bills, nor do they make you more attractive as the seasons pass by – translation – there’ll be a new “hot name” soon.

Don’t forget, Girardi interviewed for managerial openings this past winter …. and didn’t land a job. Do you think this is on his mind? You know what they say about a “bird in hand,” literally. I think Joe Girardi is a logical fit for this team and the Orioles may hold the same prospect for him, as well. You can look at the guy and tell he embraces challenges.

Besides, who are we to suggest someone should refuse a job? Think about it …. volumes and volumes of folks who don’t even earn “6 figures” are telling a guy to turn down “7 figures.” How credible is that? I want ONE PERSON who has suggested Girardi turn this job down to publicly admit they would refuse a salary in excess of $1 million to work for the Orioles. Where are you? Come on, I’m waiting.

I can think of a few reasons that would lead Girardi to reject the Orioles’ overtures. However, I can also think of more tangible reasons that would lead him to join them and embark on a new beginning. This can happen and I think it will happen …. and things will get better.

Here’s a suggestion …. stop thinking with your heart when it comes to dissecting what motivates those working in professional baseball. They are motivated by the same thing that causes the BGE worker to get out of bed every Monday morning and the same exact thing that made most of us settle for a Chevette, when we would’ve preferred a Corvette. It’ always about the MONEY.

So, if Joe Girardi is offered a generous salary and an assurance to that he’ll have the authority he desires …. it’ll happen. If he or the Orioles feel something won’t work …. than the deal won’t, either. Simple, huh?

By the way, it’s 7:00 AM …. How long will it take for me to get a name …. a real name and identity of one person who would turn down that multi-million dollar salary? Oh yeah …. and you gotta let me “out” you on this Sunday’s show. The ball and “money” are in your court.