Wrestling Nostalgia

March 04, 2008 |

It’s good to see Casey Willet’s trip down wrestling memory lane. His blogs are examples of how many great entertainers helped build a very unique fan base.

I chose the word “entertainers” because I know there are still brilliant people out there who are saying, “It’s fake…,” right now. We know, it’s staged. We know, the guys take falls and jump into bodyslam situations. That’s part of the beauty of professional wrestling. If you watch it with the critical eye of whether it’s real or not, you just don’t get it, and I’m not writing this for you.

Casey’s blogs about who the best champions the greatest tag-teams/groups of all-time does represent the beauty of professional wrestling.

The wrestlers who Casey wrote about all represent different styles. Casey’s favorite, Shawn Michaels is a brilliant performer. He wrestled in every type of match that’s known to mankind. He’s wrestled 300 pounders, 240 pound high flyers, and hard core legends.

My favorite, Brett Hart, represents “The Excellence of Execution.” He made everyone who wrestled him look good. It doesn’t matter whether it was The Undertaker or The Brooklyn Brawler, “The Hit Man” would put in a great performance.

When you look at all of the people who responded to Casey’s blog, you have to believe my theory of there being two types of people in this world, “Those who like wrestling, and those who admit they like wrestling.”