WWOFD? What would O’s fans do?

May 06, 2009 |

The Orioles lost the 7th of their last 8 games on Tuesday evening in Tampa. The Birds took the lead with home runs by Brian Roberts and Gregg Zaun. However, a three run Tampa Bay seventh inning put the home team back on top for good.

The Orioles will begin a 7 game homestand on Wednesday. At 10-17, the club will need to string together a series of wins if they hope to make the summer months interesting.

We know that “the cavalry is coming.” That the Orioles have several pitching prospects who are supposed to be the next Smoltz/Glavine/Maddux combination. And we know that Peter Angelos has alleged that he will open up his wallet for a few bats when the time comes.

But what about today? Why should Joe Fan watch MASN this summer? How can this club at least play respectable baseball in 2009?

The survey below asks you, the fan, to put together the best 25 man roster, lineup, rotation, and bullpen you can. Take a moment to answer each of the follow questions. Pretend you are Andy MacPhail, Dave Trembley, and Peter Angelos all in one. You are the judge, jury, and executioner of the Baltimore Orioles. How would you try to improve the club today?

Ty Wigginton

1. Ty Wigginton is struggling. He is hitting only .207 in 92 at bats with a single home run and 4 walks. To get the career .269 hitter back on track, would you

A. Keep giving him at bats; he’ll come around
B. Tell him he has to take the first pitch of every at bat until further notice;fine him the next time he swings at a first pitch
C. Bench him until he loses 10-15 lbs.
D. Sit him in favor of Luke Scott. Play him once a week from now on.

Ryan Freel

2. Freel is set to come off the DL, but he’s unhappy about his rare opportunities to play. The 33 year-old utility player has only 2 hits in 15 at bats this year. If you were GM, owner, and skipper of the team, you would

A. Get Freel more regular Abs to get him back on track.
B. Have a private meeting and tell him that he isn’t getting more than 10-15 at bats per week.
C. Cut him. Tell him he can go play for the Newark Bears if he wants to be a starter.

Felix Pie

3. Felix Pie has been removed as the everyday left fielder. He was hitting .164 in 55 at bats prior to being benched. What would you do with Felix Pie and the left field position?

A. Keep Pie as the 4th outfielder; make Luke Scott the every day LF
B. Keep Pie as the 4th outfielder; make Lou Montanez the every day LF
C. Make Pie the starting LF once again; he needs more opportunity
D. Make Nolan Reimold (.388, 8HR at AAA) the every day LF; cut Pie and try to sneak him through waivers
E. Cut Pie and let him become someone else’s 5 tool problem

Matt Wieters

4. Matt Wieters is not hitting at AAA as well as he did at A and AA last year. In 66 at bats, the switch-hitting catching prospect is hitting .288 at Norfolk with 1 HR and 7 RBI. The O’s should…

A. Bring Wieters up today. Better yet, bring him up yesterday. He’s starting to come around.
B. Bring Wieters up in June. This will delay his salary arbitration status.
C. Leave Wieters in the minors until he finds his power stroke.

Closing games

5. Manager Dave Trembley has recently said that George Sherrill will no longer be the everyday closer. The team appears to be heading into a “closer by committee” situation. The best option for the O’s in the 9th is

A. George Sherrill
B. Danys Baez
C. Jim Johnson
D. Chris Ray
E. All of the above
F. What do we need a closer for? We can’t carry the lead into the ninth

The rotation

6. The Orioles rotation is rounded out by uninspiring veterans Mark Hendrickson (1-4, 5.79) and Adam Eaton (1-3, 7.18). To improve the rotation, the O’s should…
A. Keep them in the rotation. This season is not about competing
B. Bring up Troy Patton
C. Bring up David Hernandez
D. Bring up Jason Berken
E. Bring up Chris Waters and Radhamas Liz. We can replace poor veteran pitching with poor youthful pitching.
F. Bring up Chris Tillman and Jake Arrieta. It’s time for the cavalry
G. Make Rich Hill pitch hurt; beg Pedro to talk to us. Someone help!

Feel free to add your own options or create a “none of the above.”