Yankees Pull “Bush League” Stunt

March 14, 2008 |

I will start off by saying I love Billy Crystal as actor, comedian and host, but today’s stunt with him actually playing in a Spring Training game was “bush league.”   To have a 60-year old comedian come to bat is an insult to the game and especially to the young prospect or journeyman non-roster player who could use that at bat to prove that he belongs.  

There are guys who have spent 10 or 11 years in the minors riding buses, playing winter ball, just to get a chance to be invited to spring training, and a major league team pulls this kind of stunt. Nice way to reward players who have chosen to make their living as ball players and paid the price of long grueling hot summers. This isn’t even worthy of indoor soccer or minor league hockey.
Here is the worst part:  if this was attempted by another club, the New York media would have had a field day, but because it was Yankees and Crystal they laughed off. Ha, Ha. What’s worse is that the idiot pitcher for the Pirates actually let Crystal get the bat on the ball and foul off the first pitch. At least Roger Clemens would go head hunting.
What’s worse than being an Orioles fan these days is being a Pirates fan. Can’t blame Peter Angelos for this one; he has never sunk to this level.   What’s next Pamela Anderson as pinch runner; on second thought I would not mind seeing that.