Y.E. vs. Some Other Guy

August 18, 2009 |

This is what we call a man’s blog. I say what I think, and while it may not be pretty all the time, it’s usually right. Most of the time I will hit on the topics of either the NFL or college basketball, with special attention to the local teams. This opener is all about my summer love affair, the PGA Tour. For a long time now I have been complaining of the notion that ESPN, Golf Channel, CBS and NBC sell the professional circuit short with how they cover the Tour. Tiger, a little Phil, and no on else. Well I’m hoping yesterdays outcome at Hazletine changes some of that. Shot after shot, hole after hole, someone other than Tiger kept us on edge. Granted that someone was playing with Tiger, but he kept the gas on the world’s Number 1 and beat him at his own game. This wasn’t a double-digit victory at Pebble Beach or at Augusta for Mr. Woods. No. It was a chance for the little guy to say enough’s enough to the bully in the red shirt.
But this is more than my dislike of the Tiger-hyping media. It’s a chance for the biggest segment of the world’s population to get on board with a sport that for a long time has been associated with the elite of the socio-economic spectrum. What Y.E. Yang did by stomping on the throat of Tiger and pressing the issue and defeating him on a Sunday, in the final group, coming back against ‘Jesus with Golf Clubs’ was finish off what guys like Isao Aoki, T.C. Chen, Tommy Nakajima, and K.J. Choi couldn’t do themselves; be the first Asian to win a major championship. Asians are dominant in individual sports like table tennis, badminton, and gymnastics. There is a nobility in winning and defending your honor and being victorious in that part of the world, probably more than any other.
What is more noble than overcoming someone, who according to the mass golf media, is the Messiah of the Majors? (Lest we forget he still hasn’t won the most Majors ever, and will never come close to Jack’ Nicklaus’ 18 1st place finishes and 19 2nd place finishes) Getting 2 billion people who you represented in overcoming God is a huge accomplishment. The Chinese and the Koreans have joined the Japanese in an obsession with golf. Tons of courses are being built and former major champions like Nick Faldo and Ian Baker-Finch have opened golf clinics in that part of the world.
For me the professional golf season is over. The Fed Ex Playoffs are a joke and then the fall season is just an opportunity for guys to get into the top 125 so they don’t have to go to Q School. But there is something to take away from this year. The four winner of the Majors this year exemplify why golf is no longer a sport for the rich and privileged Anglo’s. Angel Cabrera with his cigarettes and his duck-like waddle brought back memories of Seve Ballesteros winning at Augusta years before. Lucas Glover showed what gems the Tour has to offer the casual fan, as he dueled fellow young gun Hunter Mahan on Monday at Bethpage. Stewart Cink took his name off the “Greatest Player to Never Win a Major” List at The Open, going toe to toe with legend Tom Watson. And Y.E. Yang gave us the biggest thrill of the PGA season, taking down the Creator of Golf at Hazeltine. Boy its nice that someone remembers that the professional golf is not just Tiger.