Yeah, I said it: If the Yankees win, I’m cool with it…

August 04, 2009 | Drew Forrester

You can blame this one on Glenn Clark.

The Comcast Morning Show wonder-boy producer — err. “executive producer” — threw a curveball at me today during our “Who Knows Drew?” segment.  The answer I gave to his question sparked some nasty e-mails and a few hotheaded phone callers, but none of those folks think the way I think, I suppose.

The question Glenn posed:  “Which would you rather?  Have Melvin Mora get released and have him go to the Yankees and win the World Series this year?  Or have Melvin get released and go to the Nationals and finish in last place?”

My answer:  Send Melvin to the Big Apple and get him his ring.

And then…the e-mails and calls flooded in.

Well, I’ll admit that I thought for a second, “why don’t I just say Nationals and make everyone happy?”

But that would have been a fib.  So I told the truth.

Truth is…I wouldn’t mind seeing the Yankees win the World Series this year, with or without Melvin Mora.

You wanna know why?

Because it would keep the Orioles honest.

Understand this:  I’m not ROOTING for the Yankees (or Red Sox) to win.  Not at all.

But IF they win, I’d see the silver lining in their victory.  It would keep the Orioles honest.

If New York or Boston (or even Tampa Bay…they’re still in the hunt) wind up winning it all in 2009, it will simply reinforce to the executives in the Warehouse that you’d better stand up and come hard in the American League East or you’re going to wind up wallowing in the misery of the basement. 

Of course, those two teams have ruled the AL East for the last 12 years and the O’s didn’t really “come hard” until about 24 months ago.  It took them 10 years to learn their lesson.

But now, with The Cavalry on the way and looking promising, Andy MacPhail looks like he’s in the process of getting it right in Baltimore.  We might still have to endure one more year of low-quality baseball — but by 2011, this city could once again be watching a competitive team at Camden Yards.

That said, there’s no rest for the weary.  They need to spend money this winter…on a first baseman, a third baseman and, perhaps, one solid, reliable veteran pitcher. 

If New York wins the World Series, I’d assume that would only serve to light a bigger flame under Andy MacPhail’s rear end. 

I’m up for ANYTHING that makes the Orioles continue to try and run a reputable franchise and get people back in the seats at OPACY.

And “ANYTHING” includes even those scallywag bums in New York – or Boston – winning.

I just want the Orioles to win again.  I don’t really care what other teams win, frankly.  But in this case, if it’s New York or Boston who win, that might make us try just a little harder.

And after a decade of essentially NOT trying, it remains incumbent upon the organization in Baltimore to actually try and be as productive and successful as winning franchises. 

After all, now that we’ve seen it all unfold in front of us, which would we rather have?  Our baseball franchise model themselves after successful teams like New York and Boston?  Or model themselves after losing teams like Pittsburgh and Kansas City?


Where’s my Yankees hat?