Yes Virginia There is a Santa Clause and Yes Virginia the Saints are for Real!

December 01, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     Well hard to believe the New Orleans Saints are only one of two NFL teams that stand at 11-0.  If you told me on Labor Day that the Colts would be 11-0 it wouldn’t have been a shocker.  But the Saints?  The Saints have a long history of mediocrity.

     Lets put this whole thing in perspective.  We here in Baltimore are spoiled.  The Ravens are in their 14th season in Baltimore.  They have a Superbowl Title, two AFC Championship Game appearances, and two AFC North Division Championships.  In 14 seasons the Ravens have made the playoffs five times.  Their post season record is 7-4.

     The Saints are in their 43nd season of play.  Their inaugural season was 1967.  The Saints first winning season was in 1987 when they finally made the playoffs.  They have only played in eight post season games, winning only two of them.  They went to their first and only NFC Championship Game in 2006 losing to the Bears.

     The Saints probably hold the NFL record for blowing double digit leads in the fourth quarter.  I remember a Monday night game against the Raiders in 1979.  The Saints were up 35-7 in the third quarter at home.  They ended up losing 42-35.  This was one of many blown leads by the Saints.

     Only four years ago after Katrina hit the gulf coast, it looked as if the Saints might move to San Antonio, or Los Angeles.  The Superdome was damaged and it didn’t look good for the future of the team in the big easy.  But the fans stuck by them and the team returned to a renovated Superdome.

     Now the Saints are no longer the laughing stock of the league.  They have beaten legitamate opponents like the Eagles, Giants, and Patriots.  I precdicted that their first loss would be to the Pats.  Not only did they beat pansy Tom Brady and company, they out and out embarrassed them on national television.  It’s nice to see the shoe on the other foot.

     Will this team continue to cruise towards the playoffs and home field advantage?  I told my son that the Saints always find a way to choke.  After last night’s beat down of New England, I may want to change my mind.  The Saints are for real and yes I think they’ll represent the NFC in the Superbowl this year.  And by the way anyone who supports the Saints especially over the course of their dreary history is a TRUE football fan.  Let me see those “great” Pittsburgh fans endure the fate of the Saints and see how many toilet towls they would wave.

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