Yins can only call next Monday if you sign-up first

December 09, 2008 | Drew Forrester

The Ravens-Steelers game might be one for the ages next Sunday night and depending on the result, Monday could be a memorable morning in sports talk radio.

No game in recent regular season memory will reach a boiling point like this one promises to throughout the week.  Unless you live in a cave, you’re no doubt aware that there are TONS of Steelers’ fans in Baltimore.  You’ll see firsthand how many there are this Sunday around 3:30 pm when they all start wobbling their way into M&T Bank Stadium.

I’m looking forward to this week and I’m looking forward to next Monday, already.  

Why?  Because I think the Ravens will win by double digits on Sunday.  

But, we’re all smart enough to know that Pittsburgh COULD come in here and win.  Anyone who thinks that’s impossible hasn’t followed sports – or the NFL.  

And, if, by the faintest of chances, that DOES occur next Sunday and Pittsburgh heads back north with a “W”, we all better be prepared for a pounding next Monday on the air.

Not so fast, yins.

This concept came to me on Monday morning when the phone lines were jam packed with delighted Ravens fans.  Where were all the Redskins’ supporters?  Why didn’t we hear from any of them?  The ONLY DC football fan who called in to take his medicine like a man was “John from Silver Spring”.  Everyone else down south caught lockjaw over the weekend.

Had the ‘Skins won, though, there would have been a waiting list to get on the air with me on Monday morning.  They would have crawled out of the woodwork like termites, right?

Well, that will absolutely be the case next Monday morning if the Ravens don’t pull off the win.  It will sound like KDKA Pittsburgh at 6:10, 7:30, 8:45 and 9:55.  We won’t have enough time to field calls from all the gloaters.

Not so fast, yins.

I’m instituting a first-ever rule for next Monday morning’s show.

If you’re a Steelers fan, you have to “pre-register” for next Monday’s show by either e-mailing me (drew@wnst.net) or Glenn Clark (glenn@wnst.net).  And then you have to obligate yourself to call in no matter what the result on Sunday.  Win or lose, you call the show next Monday.  If Pittsburgh loses, you call in and get beat up.  If Pittsburgh wins, you can call in and gloat and rub it in.

But ONLY if you pre-register with me.

I’m not going to have all of those black-and-gold rag-a-muffins call the show ONLY if Pittsburgh wins.

Not gonna work that way.

I saw how that game gets played on Monday with the Redskins’ faithful.  They disappeared quicker than Clinton Portis.

They called last week and talked smack…then when their team got punked, they vanished.  Say what you will about “Merton from Indianapolis” – and we all HATE when he says “Johnny Who?” when talking about a BALTIMORE Colts QB, right? – but he calls after the Colts WIN and after they LOSE.

We started “pre-registration” on Monday morning and already we have 11 confessed Steelers’ fans who have signed-up-to-man-up, so to speak.

Mike in Parkton was first in…Chris in Ellicott City is in…so is Stan in Baltimore City…Ed in Hereford…Paul in Hereford…David in Aberdeen (wait, didn’t one local sportscaster say you can’t hear WNST in Aberdeen?)… someone named “The Bomb” in Perry Hall has pre-registered as well.  

That’s how it’s going to work next Monday.

You can call in all this week and talk smack on my show Steelers fans, I don’t care…’cuz Ravens’ fans will give it back to you and we’re all just about certain you’re going to head back up the Turnpike with your tail between your legs.  

But you can’t call NEXT Monday unless you pre-register.

We’re putting an end to the fair-weather-fan-calls-the-show-only-when-their-team-beats-the-Ravens.

Time to man-up a little bit.