You kool-aid drinking fools

December 16, 2009 | Paul Hoke

Here we are, December 16, 2009. Christmas is just 9 days away. The Baltimore Ravens are in the thick of the AFC playoff race, as they should be for the next 5-10 years. The hometown hockey team, the Washington Capitals, just trounced the Colorado Avalanche, 6-1 to win their 21st game of the season. Heck, the Baltimore Blast are their league’s defending champions. And then we have…the Orioles. Oh wow.

Listen, it’s about time that the orange kool-aid drinkers wake up. First of all, I am a die hard, old school, Baltimore Orioles fan. I LOVE this team. I have since 1980. 1980!!! For those who can’t do simple math, that’s THIRTY YEARS next year. So any of you who wish to discredit me, answer me this….Do you know who Fritz Connelly is??? I do. Look it up, then get back to me. I’m a fan. A fan of my orange and black. A fan that had that love passed down from my dad. And as a fan, I can honestly say, this organization embarrasses me. And they continue to embarrass and already razor thin fan base with a lackluster (and I’m being generous) off season. Kevin Millwood. Ok, a veteran pitcher who can be an innings eater, and someone who has always been tough against the Birds. But here’s my question. Who hasn’t??? Which AL pitcher hasn’t been tough for this moribund franchise over the past 12 years? What else have they done? I’m waiting orange drinkers…..NOTHING!!! They have done nothing to improve on a team that almost lost 100 games. Nor have they improved the way they run their organization. They still won’t talk to the ONLY objective local sports radio station. Say what you will, but as a born and bred Baltimore sports fan, it is nice to hear objective sports commentary from a station that isn’t in bed with any of the local franchises. Can’t say that about the station down the dial. But I digress.

When are we going to see this team spend the money it takes to compete in the AL East? Because that’s what it is going to take. They HAVE to spend money. The Yankees do it. The Red Sox do it. Hell, even the Tampa Bay ‘Freakin’ Rays made the World Series a couple years ago. When is this organization, which is run by a short, arrogant, small minded, egotistical, tyrant, going to take any step in the right direction? Sign a free agent that will help this team. Hire PR personnel that know what the hell they are doing and what they need to do to embrace this city again. Run your organization like you actually care about the people who pay your freaking salaries! Stop embarrassing me!! Stop being the civic disaster you are!! Make me believe you truly want to win, and not just collect the money from poor, simple minded orange kool aid drinkers. These people are behind the eight ball as it is, they don’t need this classless organization spiking the ball.

Go Ravens, and THANK YOU for your commitment to WINNING!!!!