You Play The Coach – Game Ball Picks – Week 6

October 16, 2008 |

Despite the 31-3 travesty at Lucas Oil Field yesterday afternoon, it was quite easy to give a game ball to a Ravens player. I’ll give you a hint: he was the only person in a white jersey yesterday that played well. More on that later…here are some of my notes from the game yesterday:

-Just like last week…everyone needs to calm down about Joe Flacco. This kid is going to be a rockstar, but he’s a rookie making rookie mistakes. Please stop being so emotional about this and try to be more objective.

-I hate to say it, but I’m beginning to feel like Mark Clayton and Kyle Boller belong in the same category. You wanna talk about a 1st round bust? After all the hype, and after Tory Holt anointed him as the best WR in his draft class, he’s only proven one thing to me: he cannot get separation from DBs. This team desperately needs a vertical threat.

-Anyone know where Todd Heap went? I filed a missing persons report for him a few weeks ago. Maybe it’s time to get serious and launch an Amber Alert.

-I’m no longer sure what to make of Cam Cameron as an offensive coordinator. We saw a lot of creativity and pre-snap movement in the first two weeks of the season. Ever since, it’s been the same old Billick/Fassel/Cavanaugh vanilla offense. Then again, maybe it’s not the coaches…maybe we’re just that bad offensively.

-This game was proof-positive that Le’Ron McClain cannot be our featured running back. We need a game-breaker…or at least the old Willis McGahee. He came into training camp out of shape and we’re starting to see the ramifications of that now.

-In the upcoming offseason/draft/free agent market, Ozzie Newsome needs to address three big areas of concern to save his job: 1. Wide Receiver – draft Crabtree (Texas) or make a play for Roy Williams in free agency. This position is the biggest problem the Ravens have at this point. 2. Defensive Back – When we’re healthy, we’re solid…maybe even the best DB core in the NFL. But these injuries have shown that we have a SEVERE lack of depth at this position. 3. Defensive End – We need to be able to pressure QBs like Peyton Manning without relying on blitzing linebackers and DBs. The front four must do a better job of applying pressure to the QB by themselves.

-I’d like to see a little more of Ray Rice and what he truly brings to the table.

-Chris McAlister looked very unhealthy. I think that knee is more of a problem then we all think.

-As talented as this defense is, I’m truly shocked at how many tackles they miss.

-Has Ed Reed become more of a liability than an asset? This injury has really taken its toll on him.

-There weren’t too many bright spots yesterday, but Sam Koch was certainly one of them. He’ll join Ngata, Lewis, Suggs, and Ben Grubbs in Hawaii this February. Koch gets my game ball.

Who gets your game ball?

We had a pretty low number of comments and responses last week, so I hope we can turn it around this week.

Editorial Note: Feel free to give a game ball to someone who doesn’t play for the Ravens, if, objectively, you feel like they deserve it.

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