You Wanna Ask Peter Angelos A Question …..

March 24, 2009 |

In yesterday’s Baltimore Sun, columnist Dan Connolly asked if readers could ask Orioles majority owner, Peter Angelos, one question ….. what would it be? Okay, Dan, I’ll play and I’ve got the perfect question.

By the way, Dan has requested that all questions be “professional and respectful” while “not pulling any punches.” You betcha, Dan.

Here ya go …..

Mr. Angelos, in the span of a decade, this organization has fallen from a respected Major League franchise to virtual laughingstock, as fodder for ESPN and other media outlets – and in this same period, the organizational direction has changed many times, with differing stewardship and field command – HOWEVER – there has been ONE CONSTANT and that is YOU – and so I must ask, who is ultimately responsible for the dysfunction and disgrace the Baltimore Orioles now wear, like a scarlet letter ….. and what is the appropriate censure/punishment for such a crime ???

Does this work, Dan? I think it’s an appropriate question and God knows it’s based on a true set of circumstances. It’s a tough question – to swallow and digest. But, it’s not difficult to answer ….. and with appropriate humility.

If you get Mr. A to answer this question, I’ll walk NAKED from my house to the WNST Studios ….. or to the point where I get arrested.