You wanna know what I think……

October 04, 2011 | Dwayne Showalter

– Considering all the blown leads in the NFL this season (Dallas – 24 points, New England – 21, Philadelphia – 17, and three straight double-digit chokes by Minnesota), I find myself thinking back to opening day when the Ravens, leading 27-7 early in the third quarter against Pittsburgh, faked the extra point kick when Billy Cundiff ran in untouched for two points.  At the time, I didn’t understand why folks like Hines Ward would think that was “rubbing it in”.  If I’m John Harbaugh, I do it again without a second thought.


– Being my age, seeing Curtis Painter in the Colts No. 7 jersey on Monday night brought back a flood of old memories of Bert Jones in 1970’s.  We have all moved on from Baltimore’s version of the Colts.  The greats of the franchise’s first 31 years have held true to Baltimore.  The last 27 years are certainly all Indianapolis’.  But if we dare to dream, fast-forwarding to February 5, 2012, how awkward/sweet/ironic would it be for Baltimoreans to see the Ravens take the field for Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis?  Cue the Twilight Zone music.


– Rewind back to last March.  Everyday it seemed we were getting hammered with progress reports from NFL labor negotiations.  The draft had a dark cloud hanging over it in April.  Skipped mini-camps made headlines in May.  June saw teams cancelling training camps.  July the heat was really ramped up until a settlement averted all but one pre-season game.  Now the NBA sits 3 weeks away from the start of its regular season and the preseason has been bagged.  That sound you hear???….Crickets.


– Local college football fans certainly remember Paul Johnson and the excitement he brought to the Naval Academy from ’02-‘07.  After three straight bowl appearances at Georgia Tech (even last year’s team went 6-7) and an ACC title, this year he may have his best team yet in Atlanta – at least offensively.  They could easily be 7-0 before heading into games at Miami and home with Clemson and Virginia Tech. The conferences divisional champions should be decided in those three weeks.  Maryland takes on Tech this Saturday at noon.  Expect a lot of points.  Just expect more from Georgia Tech.


– Isn’t it about time the State of Maryland cut its horse racing industry a break?  I mean a real break??  Every time I see RaceTrax being played at a bar or deli, I wonder how the horsemen let the keno-style racing game run by the Maryland State Lottery get off the ground (shouldn’t they get a cut of that?)  Yet, the local tracks aren’t allowed to expand their gambling platforms to compete with three of the four bordering states let alone big guns like Florida, Kentucky and California.  I know there were protocols to follow but since when has that stopped law makers from anything?


  The NHL season drops the puck Thursday night.  A lot of folks around here care based on attendance at the Caps/Preds game last month and last year’s playoff ratings.  But can anyone name the Caps top two goalies this year?  Yes Michal Neuvirth is back…but please welcome former Panther Tomas Vokoun to fold.