You wanna know what I think?

June 20, 2011 | Dwayne Showalter


….I think I am pretty tired of all the opinions being plastered over at The Sun about Joe Flacco.  Lamar Woodley, Joe Theisman, Jaworski…I don’t care.  I judge wins, losses and occasionally the quarterback rating.  When I heard some stat-head made a favorable comparison of Flacco and Philip Rivers, I thought that was nice.  Then I heard Mike Preston react by saying Flacco doesn’t throw the deep ball consistently enough.  C’mon, Mike, based on what?  At least the ESPN writer had numbers to support his claim (though, as they say, you can make a stat say anything).  But Preston is falling into the exact trap regarding Flacco that KC Joyner was trying to defuse…perceptions.


….I think Mark Reynolds needs a full season to judge his impact on the Orioles.  His batting average has increased each month so far.  So project him to rise a little more and maybe end the season hitting .245, 28 HRs and 70+ RBIs.  I think that would be acceptable to most fans before the season started.  His whiffs at the plate are down but unfortunately his whiffs in the field are up.  But I have never been one to judge a player on 2½ months of the season.  Give him his opportunities and make your decisions about him in the fall.  We’re on the hook for the guy next year anyway and no one else seems ready to play third for the Orioles.  Plus he sported stirrups recently.


….I think the Miami Heat were the classic example of a team without enough balls to go around.  LeBron, Dwyane and Co. could handle the regular season (after a rough start) but come crunch time in The Finals, they needed a Go-To-Guy.  And LeBron let Wade take over for Miami.  He played well, but not well enough to carry the team.  LeBron, out of his normal flow, couldn’t contribute and seemed hesitant to shoot.  And for the talking heads that thought LeBron played well by dishing out assists and playing solid defense, I thought he defense was pretty poor and I’m not alone….and anyone could get assists by passing the ball to Wade when he was hot.


….I still think I could go a fall/winter with no NFL.  The $800 I’d save from season tickets could be put to good use, including a few trips to College Park (or even doing the family 4-pack for a mere $480).  I know when the next Ravens ticket hike comes, I will be doing some serious debating. Of course, I say that every year.


….I think all the sports news shows neglect the standings.  Why don’t they spend a couple minutes during each show discussing the standings in the major sports?  Too busy analyzing who Tony Romo or A-Rod are watching with from the club boxes??  I noticed Baseball Tonight posts the standings in the background of the set but it gets lost.  I threw together an internet page that links to most major sports’ standings page.  You can jump from league to league with one click.  I thought it was worth my own time and use it more than I thought I would.


….I think I remember when NASCAR was relevant.  It was about 8 or 9 years ago.  Then they decided to mess with the rules, scoring, schedule and anything else they could.  End result, a five-year run by a solid but not spectacular champion, empty seats and lower ratings.  The lesson?  If it ain’t broke….


What do you think?