You wanna know why Rex Ryan isn’t the coach in Baltimore?

January 31, 2010 | Drew Forrester

So last night in Miami, Rex Ryan attended the Strikeforce MMA fights.

I’m sure he had a good time.

Evidently, a few Dolphins’ fans engaged him in a moment of friendly (or not-so) banter about the Jets.

Here’s a picture of Rex’s response to them, courtesy of Sports By Brooks:

Later in the evening, Ryan was interviewed by Showtime and said, “I just want to tell everyone in Miami that we’re coming to beat you twice next year.”

Here’s the video proof:

I like Rex.

I had him on my morning show every Monday at 8:30 am for two years.

He was great radio.

I am a Rex Ryan fan.

But frankly, this episode in Miami last night is one of the reasons why the Ravens went with John Harbaugh over him when they made their head coaching hire in January of 2008.

As a Ravens staffer once said to me, “We were never quite sure of what Rex might say or do from week to week.  We were always afraid on the Wednesday of the Steelers game he might say, ‘That Hines Ward guy is a fairy’ and start some kind of firestorm.”

One thing for sure:  You’d never see John Harbaugh giving anyone the finger.  Period.

And even though Rex’s style is to say “We’re going to beat you guys twice next year”, there aren’t many coaches in the league who would have done that last night.

The hiring committee at 1 Winning Drive was afraid of an incident like the one that occurred last night in Miami.

That’s why they hired John Harbaugh.

They never have to worry about him.