You’re on notice. Read this Friday Mud…or you’re fired!

July 22, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Is it really almost the end of July already?

Where has the summer gone?

Look, I’m not complaining, since I love the hot, steamy summers in Baltimore, but it feels like just yesterday I was grilling steaks and enjoying a nice glass of Joel Gott cabernet over the Memorial Day weekend — and here we are now, six weeks from Labor Day.

It’s just not fair.

But with the shortening of the days and the approaching turn of the leaves comes football.

Here in Baltimore, we know football means two things.  1.  Games that actually matter   2. End of baseball season

I was wrong about our beloved Birds.  I had them pegged for a run at .500 this year.  I won’t make excuses for how they’ve fallen short of that — a quick glance around the internet will provide you with a plethora of apologists for the team.  I’ll just say this:  It was always going to be about pitching for them.  And when the pitching was decent in April and May, so, too, were they.  When it fell apart in June and July, they were cooked.

Alas, we have the Ravens to worry about now, as they begin their yearly quest to knock off the Steelers when the games really mean something in January.

I’m looking forward to that, the same way you look forward to Friday Mud every week.  “Can the Ravens finally beat Roethlisberger this year?” is linked right in with “Will this week’s Friday Mud be as memorable as last week’s?”.  Those are two critical questions around here.

I did my part today.

Let’s hope Joe Flacco does his part.

Enjoy your Friday Mud.


>  With all the downtime in his life, Tiger Woods recently took an art class at a community college in Orlando.  One of his teachers there told him “you can express your day-to-day feelings through art”, so Tiger figured that was a good way to start communicating with his friends like caddie Steve Williams.  So, The-Player-Formerly-Known-As-The-Great-Tiger-Woods sent Williams THIS WORK OF ART.  Hey, you know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words…”

>  Years ago, people kept important phone numbers in a little black book.  These days, we don’t actually know anyone’s phone number because, of course, they’re all part of “contacts” in our cell phone.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still carry around a little black book.  I still do, in fact.  HERE is a picture of the one I keep in my pants pocket.  If only you could see the names in there…

>  I know you’re going to look at THIS PICTURE and say, “Hey, isn’t that Andy MacPhail?”  Come on, now,  of course it isn’t.  You don’t see a sweater vest on that guy in the photo, do you?

>  You’ve all heard the stories about ushers at OPACY asking Orioles fans to remove or reverse shirts that say “Yankees Suck” on them — or any other piece of clothing with a disparaging remark about the Yankees team.  Honestly, as the father of two young children, I can understand where the O’s are coming from…I mean, we can’t have fans LIKE THIS walking around the ballpark with “Yankees Suck” on their shirt.  Right?  I’m with you — it’s a disgrace.

>  Some of you out there are pretty funny.  Listener/reader Vinny sent me a funny photo, wondering if THIS PERSON was a future hire at 105.7.  My response to Vinny?  “That depends…is she a fan of the Baltimore teams?  If so, I assume she’s NOT a viable candidate for a job there.”

>  As you know, the Red Sox came buzzing into town this week and the crowds swelled at OPACY.  25,000, 32,000, 35,000…it was great to see that many people in the stadium, even if most weren’t Orioles fans.  Hey, out-of-towners buy beer, soda, hot dogs, pretzels and cotton candy too.  In fact, those three games in Baltimore this week against the Red Sox produced some staggering sales totals.  RIGHT HERE is the #1 selling item of the three game series.

>  I guess you could file THIS under “You might want to wait a while before making a proclamation like that”.

>  What do you think is the very best thing about the NFL?  Think it over.  Got it?  I have my answer.  I say THIS SCENE right here is the best thing about the NFL.

>  A buddy of mine runs a major Philadelphia P.R. firm and much to his delight, the firm landed the Flyers as a client for the upcoming NHL season.  My friend is not a hockey fan, not at all, so he asked me to discreetly help out with a couple of promotional ideas as they begin the process of putting together marketing concepts for the 2011-2012 season.  My buddy asked me recently, “Let’s focus on one player who has enjoyed a lot of success in Philadelphia and put him on the front of all of the marketing and team literature.”  I thought that was a great idea, so I submitted THIS PHOTO for his consideration.

>  We’re down to #5 on my all-time favorite album list.  Friday Mud took a vacation day last Friday, so you might have missed #6 on the list (I play the album throughout the morning on my radio show, in case you’re a listener…which, according to the Orioles, you can’t be, since they once told me I had only had one listener and I know for a fact Bob in Parkville listens every morning.)  Anyway, my #6 favorite was the amazing debut album from Pete Yorn called “Musicforthemorningafter”.  That brings me to today’s submission.  It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite album from The Smiths, but when pressed to do so, I went with “Louder Than Bombs”, which includes one of my all-time favorite songs RIGHT HERE.

>  Part of the problem with the whole NFL labor situation is that neither party has taken a moment to send the other one a gift or a gesture of kindness.  So I went ahead and did it — but I sent the same thing to both Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith.  I suggest they wear it on Friday.  THIS GIFT is what I picked out for those two clowns.  Whadd’ya think?

>  Not sure if the Ravens are looking for a defensive enforcer, but when you watch THIS, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that John Harbaugh should find a spot for this rugged performer.  Troy Polamalu, beware.  And tuck in that hair or you’ll be next to hit the ground if our new player gets a hold of you.

The Shoot Section (where I tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth)

Both the NFL owners and the NFL players should hang their heads in shame.  It’s July 22.  They’re sitting around in hotel rooms and conference centers trying to figure out how to get this labor situation resolved and the season is supposed to be starting this weekend — and there’s still no agreement.  The owners supposedly tried to slip a few previously-undiscussed points into the new CBA that THEY ratified on Thursday.  The players took offense to it.  Twitter fighting ensued and the players were outraged at the developments.  It’s all shameful.  It’s July 22.  There’s no time for this kind of chicanery or hi-jinx.  If you want to fart around and try to hoodwink one another in May, that’s fine.  But it’s July 22 now.  That kind of rubbish has to stop.  I’m not surprised by what transpired on Thursday – these two groups of people have been trying to get one over on the other since this whole thing started last February.  But it’s a disgrace, now, and the powers-that-be, Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith, should hang their heads in shame.