George Mitchell, Steroids and the Red Sox

May 07, 2009 |

 Read all my blogs on steroids here, and at . I believe Senator George Mitchell, a huge Red Sox fan, has geared his investigation towards the Yankees. Think I’m nuts?
    Alright, take the red pill and follow me down the rabbit hole.
 Boston is run by the Irish, the politicians, police, and the mob in Boston are all mainly Irish. Senator Mitchell was centrally responsible for bringing peace to the warring factions in Northern Island. The only way to have accomplished this impossible task of peace is to have negotiated with the Irish mob. If Mitchell was able to “back door” his way into stopping a conflict that had been going on since the 1920’s, do you think he would be capable of gearing his investigation away from his beloved Red Sox? How many Red Sox have been outed. In June 2000 Manny Alexander had syringes and cocaine in the glove box of his Mercedes. but because a few other people had access to his car no charges were brought. Other than Manny, no current Red Sox player has been linked to steroids. Funny, the Red Sox had a pitcher in the 70’s, Tom House, who admitted steroid use. Why would Manny be the only Red Sock to be associated with Roids since the 90’s. If he says they weren’t his, then they were a teammates, who? I believe that it will come out that the Red Sox have been sheltered through this whole steroid controversy.  Now that Manny might be using, in my opinion, I’m convinced that “Big Papi” used steroids until this year. That’s the real reason his numbers are down. Once Angel Presinal (steroid/trainer) was linked to A-Rod and Big Papi he got scared straight and cut his ties to Angel and steroids .