Baseball; hiding it under the bed

April 10, 2009 |

Well, spring is in the air and the baseball season is under way. This season reminds me of my childhood and my friends banging on my door for me to come out and play baseball. Before I can even ask, my mom says the dreaded four words no kid wants to hear on the first sunny day of the year, “Is your room clean.” “AAAHHH! CRAP!” After the chorus of sighs incur, I wink and whisper, “I’ll meetcha at the field in 10 min.” I shut the door, and let the fabrications’ proceed, “I just gotta few things to clean up, and then vacuum.” Time is ticking! I take everything, clothes, shoes, yards of bright orange hot wheels tracks and G.I. Joe paraphernalia, and shove it under the bed. Then, I quickly vacuum and 9 minutes later, I complete the lie to my mom and I’m out the door with my glove and bat.
   Baseball, this year, seems to have done the same thing I did as a child. Instead of cleaning their room properly they just shoved everything under their bed and started the season. They’ve failed to address any resolution to steroids. They would rather take a chance on their dad embarrassing them by yelling across the street for them to get home immediately, rather than clean it right in the first place.
Baseball needs to clean up steroids now! Otherwise, it will continue to resurface. Angel Presinal is proof of that statement’s legitimacy. I came up with a simple plan that I dare anyone to poke holes through.
MLB gets together with Congress and creates an amnesty for players. You give every MLB player a small window of time to admit to using Steroids/HGH. Anyone who is caught or implicated afterwards, runs the risk of being brought before Congress and being banned for life. You now have forced the hand of the players. They gave Pete Rose more than one chance to be forthright, he did not, and now he suffers the consequences. Threaten to do the same to the current players and you will scare them straight!
If the players association balks at this, MLB threatens a lockout. There is NO WAY the players association could justify a lockout to players or fans because they would look like complete idiots as well as hypocrites. Lance Berkman has come out in support of testing weekly and there are other players who would support the plan I’ve outlined. If this plan was implemented throughout the MLB and the farm system you would eliminate steroids in baseball. As successful as baseball has become financially, it would be in their best interest to persuade college’s to do the same.
The last thing I want to see, is right before the World Series is a key player is accused of using. Even worse, to find out a couple of players get blackmailed into throwing some games to hide their steroid use.
I hope MLB can put the steroid issue too bed, instead of under the bed, before we have to endure another “A-Rod” fiasco.