Belated thoughts on first half MLB awards

July 23, 2010 |


      I’ve been home hunting in the last couple of weeks and missed giving my first half awards out. Since the Orioles are completely miserable , guessing these are about as fun as baseball will get this year. Although my other favorite team is the Cincinnati Reds, so I may get to watch some meaningful September baseball on satellite.

      Since it is closer to August than the all-star break, I’ll call this the Trade Deadline Awards, so as not to confuse them with any that were given out last week. Without further ado.

                    The  95 games out of 162 Trade Deadline Awards

                                AL MVP                                               AL Cy Young

Winner          Miguel Cabrera, Det                       Jon Lester,  Bos

2.                   Josh Hamilton, Tex                                 CC Sabathia,  NYY

3.                    Paul Konerko,  CWS                                David Price,   TB

4.                    Carl Crawford,    TB

5.                    Vladimir Guerreo, Tex


           The MVP is a two horse race right now. Hamilton and Cabrera are top two in the AL in batting average and putting up the best power numbers. It is really a toss-up, but Guerrero’s year may hurt Hamilton.  As for Cy Young, any of those three plus Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee can make a case. I went with Lester because of his combination of 130 K’s, 11 wins, and a 2.81 ERA.


                                  AL    Manager                               AL    Rookie

Winner                Joe Maddon,  TB                    Brennan Boesch, Det

2.                             Ron Washington, Tex                Neftali Feliz,  Tex

3.                             Ozzie Guillen,   CWS                  Austin Jackson, Det


         The Manger of the Year may just come down to which team has more wins, the Rangers or Rays; but I can’t help but think Washington’s cocaine slip up may cost him this award come November. As for Rookie of the Year, even though I put Feliz second, I think one of the Tiger outfielders will get this award. Lets compare stats

Boesch                .316         12 HR   50 RBI    2 SB

Jackson             .308          1 HR     21 RBI     16 SB

They are different kinds of players, so it just depends on the voter.


                                 NL   MVP                                     NL Cy Young

Winner                 Joey Votto, Cin                       Josh Johnson, Fla

2.                            Albert Pujols, StL                       Ubaldo Jimenez, Col

3.                           Adrian Gonzalez, SD                    Adam Wainwright, StL

4.                           David Wright, NYM

5.                            Ryan Howard, Phi


           I understand that I am completely biased in my Votto pick, oh well……Go Reds. I’m sure Pujols will dominate the real voting. The Cy Young hype has all been Jimenez through the first half, but Josh Johnson is the one with the truly unbelievable numbers. He is only 10-3, but has an ERA of 1.61. His WHIP is currently at .97 and he is striking guys out in droves. His 141 K’s leads the league.


                                 NL   Manager                           NL   Rookie

Winner                Bud Black, SD                          Buster Posey,  SF

2.                           Bobby Cox, Atl                          Jaime Garcia, StL

3.                           Dusty Baker, Cin                        Jason Heyward, Atl


              I think that based on where they were projected before the season, you have to give this to Bud Black right now; but if they drop off at all, expect Bobby Cox to get a sentimental vote. The NL Rookie crop is amazing. In addition to the three on my ballot, consideration should go to Mike Leake, Jon Axford, Gaby Sanchez, Ike Davis, and of course Stephen Strasburg. I left Strasburg off partially because I know he is going to be shut down, but also because what he has done so far isn’t much better than the Cardinals Jaime Garcia. Garcia has a lower ERA and has achieved that in 19 starts. Teams have seen him more than once and he has still dominated. I obviously believe Strasburg will be the better pitcher, but it isn’t a potential award in my eyes. Plus neither will beat Posey if he keeps up his current pace. Projected over a full season Posey would be on pace for a .351 BA, .944 OPS, 28 HR, 110 RBI season from the catcher position. That’s MVP stuff.

  All right, now your turn…….where am I wrong.