Billy Chapel Where Are You?

April 27, 2010 |

Peter Angelos claims that he loves the game of baseball. When asked about the Orioles trip to Cuba he replied, “We think baseball is a great facilitator. It brings people together, and that’s the underlying purpose of our visit,” Well Pete, have you looked in your own back yard recently? You have failed to draw two million fans for the past two years despite your inflated numbers of ticket sales as opposed to actual people in the seats.  This year Camden Yards set an attendance record on opening day of 49,841 only to set an all time low attendance record of 9,129 just three days later.

Let’s look at what Mr. Angelos, the architect of “bringing people together”,  has done just this year:

1. Extended the team option of a manager who is the only manager in the Major Leagues to have never played professional baseball, and who entered this year with a career managerial record in the majors of 172-250.

2. Added a $5 service fee to walk up customers the day of the game.

3. Opening day tickets were not available from the Orioles ticket office.

4. Spends some of his MASN millions on a 31 year old .226 hitting third baseman (to play first base) and a relief pitcher who’s club did not want him (and made him a closer).

Gus Sinski said it best, “You know a lot of little bottles makes a big bottle.” Mr. Angelos it’s time to look at all those little bottles and realize you have an ownership problem. Far too many things have gone wrong for far too long. You could double the amount of Orioles  wins this year so far, and they would still have the worse record in baseball.

Mr. Angelos, if you truly believe your own words, as you wade through the throng of Yankee fans after tonight’s loss, do us all a favor and toss Peter Schmuck that baseball that reads, “Tell them I’m through, ‘for love of the game’.”