College World Series Final begins tonight

June 22, 2009 |


         When I was growing up the College World Series was one of my favorite sporting events. It came right in the middle of Little League or Babe Ruth baseball season so I was in my most “baseball” mood of the year. I love the World Series too, but by then I was practicing basketball. Plus, where I grew up college sports was king. Anyway, the point is I love the College World series, and am excited about the best 2 out of 3 series that gets started tonight top crown the 2009 National Champ.

             If you are a fan of college sports and a fan of baseball, this is one you will want to see. It is a battle of the giants as far as college baseball goes. It is like N.Carolina vs. Kentucky in basketball or USC vs. Alabama in football. Number 1 ranked Texas versus Number 3 ranked LSU brings together two great teams of the past and present. Former skippers Skip Bertman and Cliff Gustafson are legends in the sport and the last 25 years of Tiger and Longhorn baseball have produced some very good MLB talent.

                As for this years match-up here are some pertinent stats for the two teams.

          #1     Texas Longhorns

            32 CWS appearances

            6  National titles ( most recently in 2005)

Coach:     Augie Garrido  (he’s won 5 titles, 3 at Fullerton- 2 at Texas)

C     3 Cameron Rupp         .293

1B   13 Brandon Belt           .333

2B   2 Travis Tucker           .296

3B   9 Michael Torres        .299

SS   11 Brandon Loy           .295

CF   10 Connor Rowe        .279

LF   7 Preston Clark         .272

RF   29 Kevin Keyes          .308

DH   36 Tant Shepherd     .260


Starters    24 Cole Green-R          3.07

                     31 Chance Ruffin-R    3.27

                     12 Brandon Workman-R  3.45

Closer        44 Austin Wood-L          2.30


                   #3    LSU Tigers

                    14 CWS appearances

                     5  National titles    (most recently in 2000)

Coach:     Paul Mainieri

C     33 Micah Gibbs        .292

1B   14 Sean Ochinko      .323

2B   17 DJ LeMahieu       .347

3B   11 Tyler Hanover      .324

SS   36 Austin Nola           .243

CF   8 Mikie Mahtook       .326

LF   16 Ryan Schimpf        .344

RF   3  Jared Mitchell      .329

DH   34 Blake Dean            .335


Starters    23 Anthony Ranaudo-R      2.87

                    29 Louis Coleman-R              2.68

                    12 Austin Ross-R                    5.09

Closer         22 Matty Ott-R                      2.66


  Eight men in this game were taken in the recent MLB draft. They are

LSU-   Mitchell   (23rd)  White Sox          Texas-   Belt    (147th)   Giants

             LeMahieu (79th)   Cubs                            Wood  (150th)  Tigers

             Coleman  (152nd)   Royals

             Schimpf  (160th)    Blue Jays

              Dean    (312th)     Twins

               Ochinko  (340th)   Blue Jays


                   I won’t go in depth in my prediction. I’ll just enjoy the games. But I must make a pick. I think it will be LSU’s superior offense versus the deeper pitching of Texas. I can’t pick against the old master Garrido. Therefore I’ll take

                                          LONGHORNS IN THREE