MLB Replay, remembers Orioles sad day

November 01, 2009 |

When A-Rod started twirling his finger while the  potential home run that hit  the camera last night was under review, did any other O’s fan Immediately flashback to Tony Tarasco pointing up in the air in 1996 at Jeffery Maier. I did, and then went into a dream sequence of Richie Garcia going into the dugout with the other umps,  then after he ruled it a HR, I flashed forwarded to the 7th game of the world series and the O’s Bobby Bonila was just about to hit a HR and win game seven….. when the real umps came out of the dugout  twirled their finger and waived it a home run for A-Rod.  Boy, those umpires were fast, to quick for me to enjoy the O’s winning THEIR world series in 1996 and then repeating in 1997. I know I know, put the bowl down and step away from the scooby snacks slowly.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just swallow my bitter pill and realize that replay is in baseball partly because of that play in 1996.