Money Talks Steroids Walk

June 21, 2012 | Tom Federline

The steroid saga in major league baseball continues. Another liar walks. This time, Roger “Mr. Misremembers”, Clemens is found not guilty of lying to Congress. Acquitted of all charges. This comes on the heels last year of Barry Bonds getting convicted on only 1 out of 4 counts of obstruction of justice. Juicer Bonds got what? Home detention? That makes the “Justice” Department 0 -2 on going after the “headliners”. Two big guns walk, the unfortunate ones who didn’t ante up the fees for bogus testing or big time lawyers, were suspended for a couple weeks and/or had to pay a fine. “Bad MLB player, you all were bad boys. Now the rest of the 75% of you ball players who are using better stop or we’ll sick the “Justice Department” on you.”  Don’t fret you juicers; for cheating during three decades of baseball, you are being rewarded by keeping all your records and millions. You also have earned the distinction of having contributed to the “Steroid Era” of baseball.

I am not an investigative reporter. I do not get paid to investigate. In fact I’m not getting paid one red cent for typing my thoughts in this blog. All you are getting is my perception of  certain topics, with hopefully some “reported” facts thrown in and a little common sense. All that time and money expended on two people who lied to the public, lied in a courtroom under oath, were directly accused by their peers, their doctors and trainers, showed physical evidence of body and performance enhancement………….. then bought their way out. “Lies, lies, lies – I ain’t such a fool” – (Rolling Stones). Great album, by the way.

Was the taxpayers money wasted? Was the Federal and state courts time wasted?  Were the verdicts worth the bang for the buck? I say – yes to all three. Lessons learned (or we were reminded) – You can lie, cheat and prosper …………as long as you have the cash. It was reported around 8 years of investigation and 30 million spent on Bonds trial and 5 years, 3 million on Clemens’. To bad I wasn’t granted the authority to make the ruling. Could have saved a ton of time and money. Give me one of the cheaters paychecks for a week (tax-free), then give local schools the projected amount that would have been wasted in the corrupt “Justice” system. Decision would have been made in less than one hour. Real simple – you cheated, you lied, you’re done. See you in fifteen years. Oh and your records are stricken from the books. How’s that juice feel now? Anyone else want to juice?


Always amazes me the power of money. Witnesses recount their original testimony. Time and memories are bought. Million dollar laboratories somehow become dysfunctional. Ok, it’s not the lab, the lab has annual certifications, It’s the lab tech and/or lab board members. Pharmaceutical companies double up by prospering on providing the PED and then providing the “maskers”. Shysters, I mean lawyers, get rich. And the baseball fan/general public accepts it because “everyone is doing it”, “the drug use can’t be that bad”, “don’t want to rock the boat” and the most important “who cares – when is the next game?”

Why lie? Clemens, Bonds, McGuire, Palmeiro, Petite, Rodriquez, Pujols, Teixeira, etc. (whoops slipped those last two in on ya). Why lie? You did it. Supposedly 75% of all of your peers were doing it. Nobody was stopping you.  You paid millions of dollars to shysters, I mean lawyers, to give poor advice. Then you paid them again to represent you. And who said jocks weren’t rocknuts? You put on a tainted show for 25 years. You made millions of dollars. You dug yourself in a hole – that now you may literally “lie” in sooner than anticipated. You may have damaged your body, no worries, wait until the effects of steroid claims start up in about 10-15 years. But hey, your living high on the hog now and your family is set. Game over.

Bud Selig tainted baseball for generations. Record books should be filled with asterisks. PED’s should be either out or in. Just stop the scamming.

Are finally attempting, to stop the lies and corruption? Whoa, better put that orange Kool-aid down. So what do we have now? 35% – avid juicers? Hey, that’s down from 75%. Thank you Jose Canseco, for blowing the lid on that one. Is there really “random” testing – during the year? I have read – they know when they are going to be tested. It “appears” steroid use has slightly diminished. I see less “Popeye arms”. Batting stats and HR’s are coming back to realistic numbers. And finally, the number of hazardous waste pick-ups has subsided at the ballparks.

May the Rocket, Barry, the Bash brothers, A-roid, etc. , NEVER make it into the Hall of Fame. Hall of Shame, yes. Hall of Fame – not worthy.